Invitation to Apply for the Position of


Deadline for email applications is Friday, May 17, 2019. Please submit to the Heliconian Club office: info@heliconianclub.org


The Toronto Heliconian Club has for several years been developing Artist-in-Residence programs and currently offers positions in dance, visual art, drama, creative writing, and music. Our intention is to offer unique opportunities for each artist to explore her practices within the Heliconian community, meet new people, take part in various events, and experience a creative life in a new location.

The Musician-in-Residence program is a symbiotic one. The resident musician is expected to contribute in some way to the life of the Music Section and the Club as a whole. In turn, the Music Section will seek to offer unique opportunities to the musician that will be meaningful and invigorating.

The position runs from September 1 until August 31. It must be noted that the Club does not hold regular events during July and August. Although the term winds down by the end of June, the membership and residency privileges continue throughout the summer


The call for submissions occurs in early spring through a variety of platforms such as faculties/schools of music, Royal Conservatory/Glenn Gould School, professional music organizations and other suitable places. The selection process begins at the end of May. The new Musician-in-Residence will be presented to the Club at the annual President’s Reception in September.

We seek an emerging female artist of any age. Applicants are asked to submit:

  •   aCV
  •   a brief biography
  •   a recording of a recent performance (5 minutes max), or a recording of aperformance of a recent composition (composed within the last 3 years)
  •   an artistic statement describing their work (one page maximum)
  •   a letter of intent describing what they hope to achieve as Musician-in-ResidenceA short list of applicants will be invited to interview for the final selection.


The Music Section is mindful that there is no financial remuneration offered for this position, therefore the expectations placed on the individual will be reasonable and fluid.

The Heliconian Musician-in-Residence position offers

  •   Free membership to the Club for one year, valued at $325 + HST
  •   Waiver of the $80 initiation fee, should the MIR decide to join the Club after heryear is completed
  •   A one-year subscription to the Heliconian Music Concert series, valued at $90
  •   Inclusion in the Toronto Heliconian Club website for the year
  •   One-time inclusion in the annual Heliconian Club Yearbook
  •   Free rental of the Hall on one date for their use (e.g. public performance,workshop, or similar event), including rehearsal time. All revenue, tickets orotherwise, for the event will be the sole property of the MIR.
  •   The opportunity to expand her network and form meaningful relationships withother members of the Music Section and the entire Club by attending meetings and participating in inter-sectional events with artists of other disciplines to enrich the creative and social sphere in a rewarding and worthwhile manner.The responsibilities of the Musician-in-Residence are negotiable but are intended to include:
    •   Attendance at the President’s Reception, Tuesday, September 24, 5:30-8:00 pm, to be introduced to the Club
    •   Attendance at the Music Section meetings whenever possible. The current time for Music Section meetings is first Friday of the month from 12:00-2:00 pm, subject to change
    •   Giving a short Seminar at one of the Music Section meetings
    •   Participating in the All Artists-in-Residence event at the Club, in June 2020
    •   Participation in the development of the Musician-in-Residence position byproviding feedback at the end of the term
    •   Providing a written piece for the annual Yearbook on a work in progress oranother topic to be agreed uponOther opportunities include:
  •   Participation in the Music Section Concert Series: October 25, November 22, 2019, and March 13, April 24 2020
  •   Participation in the Ekphrasis event (usually) scheduled in October.
  •   Provide a blog post on the progress of her residency or other topic (e.g. a reviewof an event of the artist’s choice) for the Club Bulletin
  •   Other opportunities suggested by the individual could be supported by Clubmembers on agreement

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