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ACWC 40th Anniversary

In 2021, the ACWC/AFCC will celebrating 40 years since its inception in 1981. This is a time to look back to the past as well as look to the future of the organization and of the music of Canadian women.

We find ourselves in a difficult and unique time to be planning such a celebration. Whole seasons of concerts and events have been cancelled with no clear idea as to when they will return. But this organization is full of creative, energetic people so there will be no shortage of ways to celebrate.  Regional concerts are being planned, for when they can occur, due to COVID-19.  Online forums and events will also be featured, as well as playlists of members’ music.

We will also recognize the Canadian women who were writing music, teaching future composers, and promoting the works of Canadian women even before the founding of the ACWC. Those composers and the women whose energy and dedication formed the organization will be honoured with the inclusion of their music in the playlists and concerts.

If you would like to help support celebrations for the ACWC/AFCC 40th Anniversary, including special concerts, workshops, projects, publicity and online initiatives, please donate by clicking on the Donation button below. Your support would be very helpful! Any donation of $25 or more will receive a tax receipt. Thank you!


Stay tuned here to see ideas about the 40th anniversary as they develop!  Send any/all ideas to the ACWC 40th Anniversary Chair Diane Berry, who is also ACWC Secretary.