ACWC 40th Anniversary

Happy 40th Anniversary, ACWC!

In 2021, the ACWC/AFCC will celebrating 40 years since its inception in 1981. This is a time to look back to the past as well as look to the future of the organization and of the music of Canadian women.

We find ourselves in a difficult and unique time to be planning such a celebration. Whole seasons of concerts and events have been cancelled with no clear idea as to when they will return. But this organization is full of creative, energetic people so there will be no shortage of ways to celebrate.  Regional concerts are being planned, for when they can occur, due to COVID-19.  Online forums and events will also be featured, as well as playlists of members’ music.

We will also recognize the Canadian women who were writing music, teaching future composers, and promoting the works of Canadian women even before the founding of the ACWC. Those composers and the women whose energy and dedication formed the organization will be honoured with the inclusion of their music in the playlists and concerts.

Call for Scores

SHHH!!  Ensemble (piano and percussion), in partnership with the CMC, are presenting a series of late-night world premieres and conversations with Canadian composers called NightCAPS w/ SHHH!! Ensemble. They will be doing an episode featuring works by ACWC/AFCC members in celebration of the 40th anniversary and are looking for unperformed works.  For more information on SHHH!! Ensemble, visit their website at

Submitted works should:

  • Not have been performed before.
  • Under 10 minutes in length.
  • For both piano and marimba (range available A2-C7)
  • Scores should be anonymous and in pdf form
  • Deadline is January 2, 2021

To submit please email scores to Please included your name, contact email address, and the name of your piece.

This call is open to all ACWC/ACFF members.

ACWC Playlist

Deadline: November 15th, 2020

Submission link:

As part of the ACWC’s 40th anniversary celebrations, we will be releasing monthly playlists of music by Canadian women. The playlists will each be one to two hours long. They will be released January through December, 2021, hosted on Soundcloud, and embedded on the front page of the ACWC’s website. We are hoping to include at least one work by every current ACWC member, and if there is room for more, we will also include music by earlier Canadian women composers.

Please submit at least one work using the attached google form. There are twelve categories which are meant to be open-ended; select the one that is most applicable. If your submission does not fit any of the twelve categories, select “other”. You may submit up to two additional works; these will be included if space is available. They will be more likely to be included if you submit works in separate categories. The twelve submission categories may not reflect the themes of the twelve playlists; these will be reworked based on the submissions that are received.

There is no maximum length for recordings; however, works longer than 10 minutes may be excerpted. You may include preferences for how the piece should be excerpted in the “work details” section.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Amanda at

ACWC History

Watch this space for stories and information about the ACWC/AFCC’s history and/or that of Canadian women composers.

Upcoming Online Events

Plans are in the works for an online panel about the beginnings of the ACWC/AFCC, and the challenges faced by Canadian women composers in the 20th and 21st century.

Upcoming Concerts

Watch for information about any and all upcoming performance events!

Please Donate

If you would like to help support celebrations for the ACWC/AFCC 40th Anniversary, including special concerts, workshops, projects, publicity and online initiatives, please donate by clicking on the Donation button below. Your support would be very helpful! Any donation of $25 or more will receive a tax receipt. Thank you!

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned here to see ideas about the 40th anniversary as they develop!  Send any/all ideas to the ACWC 40th Anniversary Chair Diane Berry, who is also ACWC Secretary.

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