Playlist Submissions

As we reach the end of our 40th anniversary celebrations, we are exploring ways that we can continue to use our Soundcloud account to promote music by ACWC members! Starting in January 2022, we will be sharing members’ music in a more informal way. There will still be monthly playlists, but they won’t be grouped around a theme or style; instead, they will include any music that members have posted or submitted during the previous month.

Submission details:

1)     If you already have a Soundcloud, make sure you are following us ( We will follow you back and share any music that you post. We can only include a few selections from any one composer in a month’s playlist, and may spread the rest out over future playlists.

2)     If you do not have a Soundcloud account, you can submit pieces by google form.
Please only submit one piece per month. Multi-movement works are welcome!
If you run into any technical difficulties with the google form, you can submit by email.

3)     Playlists will be posted on the last day of each month, and the submission deadline for each month will be the same as the Soundbox (24th). Anything submitted after that date will be included in the following month’s playlist.

4)     Submissions don’t have to be “new” – feel free to dig out old recordings, especially if they have never been shared online!

5)     Submission is open to all membership types – if you are a performer and have recordings of music by Canadian women composers (whether or not they are members), please share them!

6)     Please only share recordings for which you have full rights or have received appropriate permissions.

We may also have some themed playlists from time to time – for example, a playlist of sacred music in December 2022. If you have any ideas about how you would like the Soundcloud to be used, please don’t hesitate to share them!