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ACWC Initiatives Fund 2021

ACWC Initiatives Fund

Deadline – March 15, 2022- Applications are now closed. 

Applications for this year’s Initiatives Fund are now open.   The fund is for new or in-progress projects such as; creating a new composition, including multimedia, electroacoustic, or dramatic elements, or for conventionally scored instruments/voices; creative networking via unique compositional means; creating a CD and/or online recording project; creating workshops, conferences, or venues where new compositions are encouraged, taught, created, workshopped or other projects.

The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2022.

All projects must be completed by May 31, 2022.

For more enquiries, please email Julia Mermelstein at

ACWC x SPO Flute Music by Women Composers Festival

Call for Applications

Flute Futures: composing for/with flutists

The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra (SPO), in collaboration with the Association of Canadian Women Composers (ACWC), is excited to announce a Call for Applications to be workshopped in the upcoming Flute Music by Women Composers Festival, an international online festival hosted by the SPO taking place Feb 4-25, 2022. This call is open to gender-expansive and women composers of all ages and experience levels in Canada, as well as Canadians currently living abroad.

Selected participants will have a 40-minute session to work with flutist Sophie Lanthier and/or flutist/composer Anh Phung on an artistic project of their choice. Examples include: a reading session/informal recording of a solo flute piece; a discussion or testing session of flute techniques for a work-in-progress; an informal recording session of flute samples for a future electronic composition; or any other idea you might have, that would benefit from focused time with our mentor artists.

This workshop is online on February 19, 2022 (12pm-4pm est). Participants should plan to be present online for their session.

Available instrumentation is solo flute (1 player, playing piccolo/flute/alto flute/bass flute) and/or electronics (stereo).

To apply, please submit the following via the Google Form on the application website HERE:

  • A short description (100-250 words) of how you would like to use the workshop time on February 19
  • 1 link to an example of your proposed project or artistic practice that represents how you plan to use the workshop time if selected. Examples include: sketches or notes about a work-in-progress you plan to workshop, an existing score for a piece you’d like played, a description of a future piece that you’d like advice/comments on, a list of samples you’d like to record, etc.

Up to 6 participants will be selected to workshop their ideas with the mentors. The workshop will be streamed publicly online on February 19 at the Canadian Music Centre in Toronto. Professional audio recordings will be made available to all composers for their use, with the performer’s permission. Selected participants will also be invited to join the ACWC’s membership (at no cost), if they are not already members.

Deadline: February 1, 2022. Applicants will be notified of the results by February 5, 2022.


For those who would like to tune in and observe, the event will be live on YouTube at 12pm at this link.

ACWC Concert/Project Funding

ACWC Concert/Project Funding

Any ACWC composer who is interested in setting up or being part of a concert or special project with one or more ACWC members may apply for ACWC concert funding.

Basic guidelines for project funding include:

  1. Small Group Composer Projects (from 3 to 4 ACWC/ACC composers)
  2. Large Group Composer Projects (5 or more ACWC/ACC composers)
  3. Alternative Projects I, including ACWC/ACC collaborations with other organizations:
  4. Alternative Projects II, including support for one or more ACWC/ACC composers if/when collaborative organizations are unable to provide further support funding.  For ACWC Application for Concert or Project Funding go here.

Roberta Stephen 2021 Award Application

Roberta Stephen

Instructions below:

The Roberta Stephen Award, worth $500, offers support to a Canadian woman composer
aged 36 or older for professional development such as further studies, conferences, or
workshops, or composers’ festivals.

The Deadline is: May 31, 2021 


Candidates must have a history of public presentation of their work, and must be:

  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada
  • 36 years of age or older
  • finished their basic training in music (university graduation or equivalent in specialized training) and either be ready to undertake a professional career, or, having already attained a professional level, be undertaking advanced studies
  • winners of the Roberta Stephen award are strongly encouraged to become members of ACWC/ACC if they haven’t already done so.  Go here for membership

Please see the PDF forms, below, for Instructions and Application Procedure.

Roberta Stephen Award_Instructions 2021

Roberta Stephen Application 2021

Interested in donating to the award fund?



CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: ACWC 40th Anniversary Playlists

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: ACWC 40th Anniversary Playlists

Deadline: November 15th, 2020

Submission link:

As part of the ACWC’s 40th anniversary celebrations, we will be releasing monthly playlists of music by Canadian women. The playlists will each be one to two hours long. They will be released January through December, 2021, hosted on Soundcloud, and embedded on the front page of the ACWC’s website. We are hoping to include at least one work by every current ACWC member, and if there is room for more, we will also include music by earlier Canadian women composers.

Please submit at least one work using the attached google form. There are twelve categories which are meant to be open-ended; select the one that is most applicable. If your submission does not fit any of the twelve categories, select “other”. You may submit up to two additional works; these will be included if space is available. They will be more likely to be included if you submit works in separate categories. The twelve submission categories may not reflect the themes of the twelve playlists; these will be reworked based on the submissions that are received.

There is no maximum length for recordings; however, works longer than 10 minutes may be excerpted. You may include preferences for how the piece should be excerpted in the “work details” section.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Amanda at

Call to All Members for Information for International Catalogue of Women’s Compositions / Appel à contribution auprès de nos adhérentes pour la Revue Internationale des Compositions de Femmes

All women and women-identifying composers/songwriters are invited to submit their information for inclusion in the Online Encyclopedia of Living Women Composers, Songwriters and Creators of Music. Full call and information for submission can be found here.

Toutes les auteur-compositrices femmes et s’identifiant comme étant femmes sont invitées à soumettre leurs articles pour l’Encyclopédie en Ligne des Auteur-Compositrices et Musiciennes contemporaines. Vous pourrez trouver l’annonce dans son intégralité ainsi que tous les détails concernant le dépôt desdits articles en cliquant ici.