How to Volunteer

Call for Volunteers and Board Members

The ACWC is a volunteer managed and operated organization which relies entirely on the efforts of its members. At the moment, we are engaged in an important rejuvenation initiative to carry out our mandate more effectively, particularly the sponsorship of concerts across Canada to highlight the work of our women composers. If you are interested in being part of this exciting new era in the ACWC’s long history, we would love to hear from you.

The first step in becoming a member of the ACWC Board is to become an ACWC member. Please refer to the Membership Page for more information on becoming a member of the ACWC.

Board Member Opportunities

In order for the ACWC to become a truly national, then a viable international organization, we need Board members from all areas of Canada to actively participate in this major rejuvenation initiative. If you are a member of the ACWC and are interested in being involved in charting the future course of our organization, please contact the Chair for further information.

Board of Directors / Conseil d’administration:

Chair/Présidente  – Julia Mermelstein
Treasurer/Trésorière – Amanda Lowry
Secretary/Secrétaire – Diane Berry
Journal Editor/Éditeur de Journal – Fiona Evison
SoundBox Manager – Stephanie Orlando
Outreach Manager – Emily Hiemstra
Web Manager – Mary-Catherine Pazzano

ACWC Founder/ACC Fondatrice
Carolyn Lomax

Volunteering Opportunities

The current focus of the ACWC is a major membership drive, with particular focus on all post-secondary institutions across Canada to attract more young women composers to our organization. A Board position has been created to spearhead this initiative i.e. Membership Coordinator whose job will be to work with the Regional Representatives in carrying out a targeted membership recruitment effort for the next 6-12 months.

If you are interested in helping, whether it be volunteering 2 hours of your time a year, or joining the board, we would like to hear from you. Even a few hours a year would help the ACWC immensely in achieving our goals and accomplishing future goals.

Please contact our current Chair, Julia Mermelstein for more information.