Amelia Yates

Amelia Yates, D.M.A., is a pianist, adjudicator, and instructor from Ancaster Ontario. A recent graduate of the Doctor of Musical Arts program at the University of Western Ontario, Dr. Yates’s research focusses on the solo piano music of Canadian composer Ann Southam. Her monograph “Ann Southam’s Solo Piano Music: A Performance Guide” is the first comprehensive resource for performers of Southam’s solo piano music.

Dr. Yates is passionate about performing contemporary music, especially music by Canadian women. In addition to performing as a soloist, Dr. Yates also enjoys collaborating with others in chamber groups and working with large ensembles and choirs.

Dr. Yates teaches piano lessons from her home studio, AGYPiano. Her goal is to help students perform, understand, and enjoy music thoughtfully, healthily, and artfully. She is also passionate about applying teaching approaches that nurture students’ mental health and empower them to think critically and independently. Dr. Yates’s students have received awards for both composition and performance at the local and national level, and frequently achieve First Class Honours and First Class Honours with Distinction standings on their conservatory examinations.

Before receiving her doctorate, Dr. Yates also earned an ARCT diploma in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as a Bachelor of Music Honours Music Education and a Master of Music in Performance and Literature from the University of Western Ontario. She had the privilege of studying performance with Dr. Leslie Kinton, Dr. Brett Kingsbury, and John-Paul Bracey, and pedagogy with Dr. Diana Dumlavwalla and Dr. Christine Tithecott.

Dr. Yates holds positions on the board of the Hamilton/Halton Branch of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association and the Hamilton Music Festival. She is also a member of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s College of Examiners. Dr. Yates is honoured to support the Association of Canadian Women Composers as an Associate member.