Anika Zak

Anika Zak enjoys experimenting with different textures, colors, and stories in her compositions;
superimposing traditional musical forms and styles with contemporary elements is a primary theme in her works. Studying under Alain Perron, PhD., at the University of Regina, she has created a diverse body of work for the institutions’ various ensembles. These include works for the University Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Trombone Ensemble, and New Music Ensemble. Nineteen scholarships have been awarded to the composer in recognition of their dedicated study of composition. In 2017,

Zak had two of her original piano compositions, “Menuet in A Major” and “Nightfall on the Lake,”
published in Creative Canadians Compose, a book of pieces in celebration of Canada’s 150th
anniversary. The Regina Gyro Club has named Zak the winner of the Young Composer’s Prize in
June 2018 and 2019 for her new music ensemble works, Geography and Spheres of Time. She has also been commissioned by Sask New Music to compose a work for Canadian pianist, Sylvia
Shadick-Taylor, to be performed at the Strata New Music Festival in 2020. During her participation at the 2020 Screen Music Program, she received private instruction from composers Alison Plante, Paolo Tortiglione, and Clint Bajakian.

In addition to this, Zak has recently been accepted for study at the 2021 ICEBERG New Music Institute in Vienna, Austria.

Anika Zak
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