Anna Zeidman

Anna Zaidman is a Canadian female composer, pianist, and choir conductor.
Originally from Ukraine, Mrs. Zaidman began her music education at the age of three. She attended professional music programs in Ukraine, where she discovered and pursued her passion for music. She then continued her education in Piano Performance and Music Education with a  dual degree in Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Following in her footsteps, both her children began playing at the age of three. When her son was born, she wanted to find innovative and creative ways to teach piano to toddlers. She decided to compose music that incorporates story-telling, toys, duets, and upbeat melodies that would appeal to all children. Eventually, this led her to compose pieces such as “Pony Riding” and “Dragon Song”.

In addition, the original compositions of Mrs. Zaidman include “Winter Evening”, “Autumn Waltz”, “ Tango On The Moon”, “Valse Impromptu”, and many more. Her original compositions can be previewed and purchased on her website: Audio files can be found on her YouTube channel as well:

Mrs. Zaidman also collaborates as a pianist at the University of Windsor and works as a Choir Conductor and Director at the Roseland-Trinity United Church. She owns a private piano studio, teaching children and adults locally and internationally. Her students won countless prizes in piano competitions and various music festivals.

Mrs. Zaidman currently resides with her daughter, son, and husband in Windsor, Ontario, where she remains an integral part of its musical community.