Cait Nishimura


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CAIT NISHIMURA is a Canadian composer and music educator based in Toronto, Ontario. Described as having a “refreshing buoyancy”, her music uses minimalist patterns, simple yet lush harmonies, and themes that linger in listeners’ minds, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the natural world. With a special focus on wind band and choral music, Nishimura strives to present contemporary concert music that is accessible and enjoyable by musicians of all levels. Her work for wind band, Chasing Sunlight, was selected as the winner of the 2017 Canadian Band Association Composition Competition, and has since been added to regional and national wind band syllabi. Nishimura holds undergraduate degrees in Music and in Education from the University of Toronto. Her work is regularly programmed and commissioned by ensembles across North America, where she is in demand as a visiting composer and educator. For recordings, more information, and to purchase scores, visit


Concert Band / Wind Ensemble:

In Dreams (coming late 2018) – Grade 4, 6-8 minutes
Autumn (coming in summer 2018) – Grade 3, 2.5 minutes
Into the Blue (2018) – Grade 2, 1.5 minutes
(2018) – Grade 1, 2 minutes

Lake Superior Suite (2018) – Grade 5, 19 minutes

Chasing Sunlight (2017) – Grade 3, 3 minutes

The Sweet Sounds of Snowfall (2016) – Grade 2, 3 minutes

Awaken (2016) – Grade 1, 2.5 minutes

Night Light (2011) – Grade 4, 11 minutes

Sunset Canvas (2008) – Grade 3, 5 minutes


Autumn (2017) – SATB a capella, 2.5 minutes

Athabasca (2017) – SSA with piano, 3 minutes

See you in the stars (2017) – SATB with piano, 3.5 minutes

Chamber Ensemble / Solo:

Her spirit still listens (2013) – solo marimba, 4 minutes

Serenity (2011) – clarinet, cello, piano, 5 minutes

I could never tell you (2011) – mixed chamber orchestra, 4 minutes

Aquamarine (2010) – percussion quartet (xylophone, marimbas, vibraphone), 2.5 minutes