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Coreen Morsink Biography and Compositions

Coreen Morsink, Canadian/Greek composer, is inspired by unusual microtonal tuning systems and ancient Greek music which she considers a springboard for her compositions. Her works have been premiered by Carla Rees, Chenoa Anderson, Allison Balcetis, Karin de Fleyt, Mizuka Yamamoto, Kevin Komisaruk, 432 Chamber Orchestra (Ivan Yanakiev conducting), Sarah Watts and Peter Sheppard Skaerved amongst others in Canada, USA, UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece and played on the BBC Radio 3. Her string quartet Stolen Glimpses of Eternity was a finalist in the Smackdown V competition in Texas and her String Quartet No. 2, Time’s Doorway was premiered in December 2020 by the Ligeti Quartet as part of their Workout! Sessions. In 2021 she was part of the PIVOT emerging composer programme in Canada and her work A Stack of Human Dilemmas for violin and cello was premiered by Continuum Ensemble members Carol Fujino and Paul Widner on-line from Toronto. Her music for low flutes and flute ensembles are published by Tetractys Publishing and Timbral Winds for Alto Flute duo was presented in the 2021 National Flute Convention (NFA).

Her musical education includes an ARCT in piano performance while studying with Margaret Parsons Poole, a B.Mus in Piano Performance from McGill where she studied with Prof. Marina Mdivani, a M.Mus from University of Leeds, UK where she studied with Dame Fanny Waterman and Benjamin Frith, and a PhD in composition from Goldsmiths, University of London, UK where composer Roger Redgate was her supervisor.

Currently, Coreen is a Senior Examiner for the IB and a music teacher in Athens and enjoys life in Greece with her husband and their daughters spending her spare time tending her flowers and swimming in the sea.

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Composition List


Andromache (alto flute and Kingma System alto flute version) 8′  2010

Timbral Winds (alto flute duo) 7′ 2019

Drys: The Mighty Oak (bass flute) 8′  2022

There Was a Time (flute ensemble: Piccolo, 2 C Flutes, 2 alto flutes, bass flute) 9′ 2016

Under the Pomegranate Tree (alto flute and baritone saxophone) 5:30′ 2022

Fibonacci in a Black Hole (solo clarinet) 6′ 2012

Song of the Polar Bear (contrabass clarinet) 3′ 2018

The Messenger (solo oboe) 5′ 2020

Play Songs (Trio: Alto Flute, Cor Anglais and Bass Clarinet) 4′  2016


erosion (solo violin) 7′ 2012

The Lockdown Sketches (solo violin) 10′  2020

12:8 (violin and piano) 8′ 2020

A Stack of Human Dilemmas (violin and cello) 10′ 2021

because (solo cello) 40 second miniature 2021

Conversations with a Rose (solo cello) 5′  2014

Nothing else matters, it seems, apart from gold (soprano and cello) 20 seconds miniature 2018

Platanus X (solo viola) Work in progress 8′ 2022

String Quartet

Time’s Doorway (String Quartet No. 2) 8′ 2017

Stolen Glimpses of Eternity (5 minute adaptation) 2016

Stolen Glimpses of Eternity (Complete String Quartet No. 1) 25′ 2012

in thanks (violin and oboe) 5′ 2020

Anemone (solo harp) 1′ miniature 2022

Piano and organ

12-1 Preludes (partially prepared piano) 13′ 2012

Schubert  alla Greca (piano) 1 minute 2015

…catharsis… (solo organ) 6.30′ 2012

Listen to the Silence (piano solo: a series of compositions and improvisations based on meditational texts) 50′ 2016


Seismograph (trombone and piano) 3′ 2014

String Orchestra

The Agreekment Symphony (No. 1) 11′ 2015

A Mythological Tone Poem (No. 2) 10′ 2018

Symphonic Orchestra and ensembles

Home (symphonic orchestra) 1′ 2021

Sea Fanfare (symphonic orchestra) 5.30′ 2020

Divine Eros (Choir and symphony orchestra) 11′ 2012

Point Pelee Excursions (chamber ensemble:  flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, cello, doublebass, piano, percussion) 8.30′ 2016

Choir and vocal ensemble

Theban Choruses (SSA choir and piano) 10′ 2016

Sleeping in a Mousetrap (five minute opera for soprano, baritone and chamber ensemble, text by Olga Borislava from her book Preferences) 5′ 2014

St. Michael and the Angels (SATB choir and organ) 3′ 2009

Electro-Acoustic compositions

Birds, Bells and Thunder  3′ 2020