Hanna Kim

Hanna Kim

Website: thekimhanna.com

Contact email: thehn.kim@mail.utoronto.ca

Composer and pianist Hanna Kim (b. 1984) encompasses a wide range of traditional, neo-romantic, minimalistic, and improvisational styles for her compositional work.

She is the recipient of several awards, including the 2013 Joseph Dorfman Competition Composition Award (Germany), the 2005 Seoul City Choir Award (South Korea), and the 2004 Nanpa Composition Award (South Korea). Ms Kim has also won numerous score calls, and been asked to compose new works for concert performances at venues including school music halls, local festivals, and at composition workshops and competitions.

Individual musicians and professional ensemble groups for whom she has written works include Andy Akiho, Antony Baryshevsky, the Khorikos Ensemble (New York), the Hartt School of Music’s Foot in the Door contemporary music ensemble, the 20/20 Honors chamber ensemble, the CPP Ensemble (resident contemporary ensemble of the Manhattan School of Music), the Charlotte New Music Festival, and more recently, the Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF) in New York, and the Oregon Bach Festival.

In addition to playing her own solo and chamber music works, Ms Kim enjoys performing traditional and contemporary music by composers of diverse styles, including early and modern sacred music, works composed by composition graduate colleagues and faculty members, as well as providing piano accompaniment for choral ensemble groups. In addition to her passion for piano performance, Kim has written several piano instruction books for children, at the publication request of KMS Music Publications (also known as Eumak-Segye, in South Korea).

Between August 2015 and May 2016, Ms Kim was offered a 1 year visiting scholar-in-residence, at Penn State University, Pennsylvania. Her focus of research was centered around early-mid twentieth century American music.

A native of South Korea, Ms Kim’s initial years of education included studies in both classical piano performance and the visual arts. She received a Bachelor of Music Composition from Kyungwon University, South Korea (2006), a Master of Music in Composition from the Manhattan School of Music in New York (2010), and an Artist Diploma from the University of Hartford, Hartt School of Music in 2015.

Her composition teachers include Hae-Sung Lee, Soo-Jung Shin, Marjorie Merryman, Elizabeth Brown, and David Macbride. Ms Kim is currently working toward her doctoral degree (DMA) with the guidance of Gary Kulesha at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Selected Work List


Bloom, where you are planted, 2017, orchestra (ca. 7’). Student Composers Reading Session. UTSO Orchestra, University of Toronto, Mar 17, 2017

The Sound of Many Waters, 2015, Chamber Orchestra, (ca. 9’). Written for Foot in the Door Concert 2015. The Foot in The Door Ensemble, Kalena Bovell, conducting, Lincoln Theater, Hartford, CT, Mar 4, 2015.

Fantasy on King Solomon’s Temple, 2010, Orchestra, (ca. 9’). Master’s thesis with the public concert. MSM Philharmonia Orchestra, David Gilbert, conducting, Borden Auratorium, Manhattan School of Music, Apr 1, 2010.


The Cloths of Heaven, 2015, SSAATTBB, (ca.5’). Written for Khorikos Choral Ensemble Concert. Jesse Peckham, conducting, Bliss Hall, Hartford, CT, Apr 15, 2015, Premiere Performance. Apr 16, Auerbach Auditorium, Hartford, CT. *Winning a score call from That choir/ New Works Project. That choir, Craig Pike, conducting, Metropolitan United Church, Toronto, Canada Premier, Jan 30, 2017.

Toad, Toad, 2005, SATB. (ca.5’). Written for Seoul Metropolitan Chorus, South Korea. **Awarded a prize, The Composition Contest for Chorus. Seoul Metropolitan Chorus, Kisung Kang, conducting, Sejong Arts Center, Sep 13, 2005.


Stuck, 2016, Flute, Clarinet, Accordion, Violin, and One Percussionist, (ca. 8’). Collaborating with the original choreography by Angela Bloomburg. Tristan Durie, Flute, Juan Olivares, Clarinet, Branko Dzinovic, Accordion, Jonny Smith, Percussion, Alice Hong, Violin, Andrew Clark, conducting, Geiger Torel Hall, University of Toronto, Dec 2. 2016.

Scrambled Crumbled Ambler, 2016, for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano (ca. 4’ 45”). Written for the score reading session. Ensemble Plus Contemporain De Montréal, Véronique Lacroix, conducting, Walter Hall, University of Toronto, Oct 29, 2016.

D note Rondo, 2016, String Trio (ca. 7’ 40”). *Winning Score Calls from the Women Composers Festival of Hartford. Forty/Sixty String Trio, Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford, CT, Mar 31, 2017

Tiki-Tok, 2016, Flute, Clarinet in B-flat, Violin, Cello, Piano and Two Percussionists, (ca. 5’ 20”). *Winning a score call from Oregon Bach Festival, Savannah Gentry, Flute, Kevin Leomo, Clarinet, Izabel Austin, Violin, Matt Magerkurth, Cello, Hanna Kim, Piano, Li Tao, Joey Bohigian, Percussions, Jared Knight, conducting, Aasen-Hull Hall, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, Jul 7, 2016.

Lines, Shapes, Spaces and Dots, 2014, Oboe and Organ, (ca. 8’). Commissioned by the organist/composer, Evan Cogswell. Ziquian Guan, Oboe, Evan Cogswell, Organ, First Church of Christ, Old Wethersfield, CT, Apr 27, 2014.

Quazi Spezzato, 2014, Horn Trio, (ca. 3’). Written for 20/20 Prism Concert. Emily Crampton, Horn, Kayla Davis, Tuba, Cihan Yucel, Piano, Berkman Hall, Hartford, CT, Mar 30, 2014.

Rhapsody in Tritone, 2013, violin, cello and piano four hands, (ca. 8’). ** Awarded Third Prize, Joseph Dorfman Composition Competition, Ochsenhausen, Germany. Vera Symchych, Violin, Marie Colombat, Cello, Antonii Baryshevskyi, Sabine Sauer-Essl, Piano, Aurelien Hadyniak, conducting, Bibliothekssal, Ochsenhausen, Germany, Aug 6. 2013.

The Intercession, 2013, Solo Flute and String Quartet, (ca. 9’). Written for 20/20 Prism Concert. Jenny Hunt, Flute, Gary Capozziello, Annalise Ohse, Violins, Juliet Dawson, Viola, Junkyu Park, Cello, Berkmann Hall, University of Hartford, CT, Apr 28, 2013.

Fa-do III, 2009, Two cellos and Four hands one piano, (ca. 3’). Isabel Castellvi, Mariel Roberts, Cello, Ann Rainwater, Baris Buyukildrim, Piano, Ades Hall, Manhattan School of Music, New York,  Dec 11, 2009.

Collage, 2009, String Quartet, (ca. 8’). Soo Hyun Bae, Ting ting Yen, Violins, Kimberlee Uwate, Viola, Hwakyung Jang, Cello, Greenfield Hall, Manhattan School of Music, New York, Mar 30 2009.


Toronto Suite, 2016, Solo Piano, (ca. 6’). Student Composers Concert. Jessica YoonJee Lee,Piano, Walter Hall, University of Toronto, Feb 14, 2017. *Winning a score call for the piano collective project by ACWC.

Mulle II, 2010, Solo Piano, (ca. 5’ 30’’), Dedicated to Pianist Mijung Lee. Student Composers Concert. Mijung Lee, Piano, Miller Theater, Manhattan School of Music, New York, Apr 8. 2010

Fa-do II, 2009, Solo Steel pan, (ca. 4’). Collaborating with the CPP ensemble. Andy Akiho, Steel pan, Classroom 610, Manhattan School of Music, New York, May 13, 2009.

Mulle, 2009, (ca. 9’). Student Composers Concert. Mijung Lee, Piano, Miller Hall, Manhattan School of Music, New York, Apr 2, 2009.


Yellow Forest, 2015, Two Laptop Computers, (ca. 10’). Charlotte New Music Festival. Hanna Kim, Laptop Player 1, Chien Jiang, Player 2, Arts Factory, Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC, Jun 13, 2015. *Winning a score call from New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival. Hanna Kim, Laptop Player 1, Amelia In, Player 2, National Sawdust, Manhattan, New York, Jun 5, 2016.

From my very hearts for Flute and Fixed Media, 2015, (ca.2’). Splice Institute Participants Concert. Anne Daley, Flute, Bliss Hall, Western Michigan University, MI, July 11th, 2015.

Fa-do I, 2009, Cello, Amplified voice and Piano, (ca. 9’). Eunji Kong, Cello, Hanna Kim, Voice and Piano, Miller Hall, Manhattan School of Music, New York, Apr 23, 2009