Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins

Maria Martins


Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins is a composer, conductor, concert-organizer and teacher resident in Victoria BC. Her compositional works, divided between the worlds of electroacoustic and acoustic/chamber music, essentially explore sonic contrasts, such as the wide use of registers (very high and very low pitch material), the wide use of dynamics (very loud and very delicate sounds), rough and smooth timbres, consonant and dissonant intervals (combinations of notes), and even stylistic contrasts, in which medieval melodies are delivered through spectral music gestures and techniques.

Her musical background—as well as her evolving usage of music techniques—is notably varied; Maria was born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1990, moving to the south of the country with her mother, where she lived from 2001 to 2013, and where her music studies began, in 2006. Maria studied piano for a brief period of time, as an adolescent, moving forward to a bachelor’s degree in music composition, at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), where she was mentored by Celso Loureiro Chaves, and Eloy Fritsch (2008-2012). In 2013, Maria moved to the West Coast of Canada, in order to pursue a master’s degree in music composition at University of Victoria (2013-2015) with Dániel Péter Biró and Christopher Butterfield, in addition to receiving orchestral conducting training with Ajtony Csaba. After Maria’s graduation, her involvement with the local community and music production in Canada led her to stay in the country and to start a career as a Canadian composer and conductor.

Maria’s music has been recorded by Musicworks (edition #129) and by Urban Arts Berlin collective. It has also been performed by Orkest de Ereprijs, Neue Vocalsolisten, Quatuor Bozzini, Cathy Fern Lewis, Luciane Cardassi, Mark McGregor, Proteus Saxophone Quartet (among others), in cities along North America, South America, and the Netherlands. As a conductor, Maria has worked with University of Victoria Orchestra, Sonic Lab, Victoria Composers Collective, The Crystal Singers, St. Barnabas Church Choir, among others. And as a concert curator, Maria’s projects include WoodStockhausen: Experimental Music for Rock Band (2016-2018), Generations of Canadian Music: BC Composers (2017), Oak Bay New Music Festival (2017), among others.


Orchestral & Large Ensemble Pieces

–Palästinalied: Alrest Lebe, for 4 singers and 12 instruments___2016 Orkest de Ereprijs

–Musicianship Melody, for orchestra___2015

University of Victoria Orchestra

Chamber Ensemble Pieces
–Palästinalied: Schoeniu Land & Hie Liez, for rock band___2017

Victoria Composers Collective

–Talea, Color and Canon; for 3 flutes in C___2016
Trio Taco

–About Gesang der Jünglinge, for rock band___2016 Victoria Composers Collective

–Stella Splendens, for soprano and 6 instruments___2016 Victoria Composers Collective

–Binary Solo; for Bb Clarinet and Trombone___2015 Victoria Composers Collective

–Music, for any 4 players___2015
Victoria Composers Collective

–Mirrors, for 5 instruments___2015
Victoria Composers Collective

–Kyrie, for saxophone quartet___2015 Proteus Saxophone Quartet

–Shepard; for string quartet___2015
Quatuor Bozzini

–The Little Survivor from Warsaw, for 2 singers and 10 instruments___2015
composed for UVic students and alumni ensemble, as completion prerequisite of my Master of Music Composition


–Symbiosis, for soprano and 6 instruments___2014
for the course MUS 561
–Piano & MIDI, for piano, electronics, soprano and cellphone___2009 Composed as a requisite of my undergraduate composition course (3rd semester)

Choir & Voice Ensemble Music

-The Autumn Leafs, for female voice and piano__2018
Jessica Wagner and Braden Young

-The Memory Game I, for any two players & optional conductor__2018 Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins and Alex Jang

-Vida II, for two female voices___2017
Cathy Fern Lewis & Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins

–Panis Angelicus, for choir and organ___2017
St. Barnabas Church Choir

–Mass to St. Barnabas, for choir and organ___2016
St. Barnabas Church Choir

–Yarn Mundi, for 7 singers___2015 Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart

–Sound Communion, for 4 singers___2015 Victoria Composers Collective

Solo Pieces
–Douce Dame Preludes, for piano and spoken voices___2017

Luciane Cardassi
–Como Soa Isso, for accordion___2017

Erica Roozendaal

–Douce Dame Jolie, for piano, spoken voice and electronics___2017 Luciane Cardassi

–Vida, for soprano solo___2016
Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins

–Wandering Somewhere, for bass flute___2015
Mark McGregor

–Prologue of an Unfinished Story, for flute in C___2014 Thomas Law

–Peça para Violão, for classical guitar___2010
Josué Santos Farias

Solo Electroacoustic Pieces

–The Electroacoustic Mass___2011
 –Pipoca Espacial___2010

–Flutuando Pela Penumbra___2010 autor=Maria%20Eduarda%20Mendes%20Martins&musica=Eletr%F4nica,Flutuando%20pela%2 0Penumbra