Maya Badian

Dr. Maya Badian
Composer, Musicologist, Professor:


Maya Badian is an important composer. If it does not use some of the extreme devices discovered by earlier 20th century composers, Badian’s music does reflect the accumulated wisdom of a century of experiment and invention.” – Richard Todd: One of our own, The Ottawa Citizen, March 18, 1997

Dr. Badian is acknowledged as the only Canadian composer of Romanian descent to have her life and achievements reflected in an international biography work: The Life and The Music of Maya Badian,

A Privilege to Soar by Fred Popovici (Pro ARS Publications, Ottawa, 338 pp., 2010)

Glimpses Into My Compositional Style and Techniques by Maya Badian (Pro ARS Publications, 236 pp., Ottawa, 2014) is acknowledged as a Canadian book-premiere as well, as no other Canadian composer has written a book outlining his or her compositional style and techniques.

Orchestral Mirrors of Life: Maya Badian’s Music film-trailer, with background music from original compositions by Maya Badian, is released on YouTube, Sonia Productions Inc., Vancouver, 2012.

“An internationally acclaimed composer” – as described in Orchestral Works CD Review, Winnipeg Sun, 1999 -, “Maya Badian has more than 100 published original compositions including symphonies, orchestral music, concertos, cantatas, chamber music, music for multimedia, and musicology and pedagogy works. All her works are published and internationally distributed by Lucian Badian Editions. Her musical output is part of the collections of international libraries, such as Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa, The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., Bibliothèque Božidar Kantušer, Paris, France, and of many music libraries across Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, and National Library of New Zealand.” (Canadian Music Centre)

Dr. Maya Badian is a member of the Canadian Music Center, Canadian League of Composers, Association of Canadian Women Composers, Ottawa New Music Creators, Romanian Union of Composers and Musicologists, Union of Composers and Musicologists of Moldova, and International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England.

Maya Badian was at the Université de Montréal the only student ever to complete a doctoral degree in the unique impressive period of only two years, and with highest distinction (A+).

As a sign of outstanding recognition of Badian’s rank in the Canadian music pantheon, Library and Archives Canada has requested and preserves Dr. Maya Badian’s entire output of manuscripts, archival documents and recordings officially titled the Maya-Badian Archival Fonds MUS. 228, since 1993, Library and Archives Canada.

Dr. Maya Badian-Munteanu and husband Ing. Lucian Badian-Munteanu, M.A.Sc., who is a Senior Business Manager with the Federal Government of Canada and also the founder of the Lucian Badian Editions reside in Ottawa, Ontario.

Maya started to put on paper her earliest compositions at the age of 5. She graduated at the National University of Music in Bucharest with a Master’s degree in composition.

“Badian emigrated to Canada in 1987, after having established herself in Europe as a skilled composer of chamber, choral, and orchestral works. Elaine Keillor: Carleton Sound, 1999

“Along with her major compositions either for orchestra or for other ensembles, the multiculturalism that made an early impact has proven to be a huge influence in her compositions, as has our country’s varied and beautiful landscape. The titles of many of her works reflect her love of Canada, including Reflets laurentiens: Concerto for Clarinet, Saxophone and Orchestra; Canadian Wilderness and Stillness: Symphonic Evocation on the Group of Seven; and MultiMusic Canada, a Legacy for the New Millennium for Orchestra and Multimedia. Her compositions, praised for their musicality and balance, are well structured and very contemporary without being avant-garde.” Paula Roy: Taking Note of an Extraordinary Life, Kitchissippi Times, November 4, 2010

MultiMusic Canada is a polyvalent symphonic canvas. The idea of this work of symphonic tapestry is extremely original, the proposed goal widely exceeding the pure musical boundaries, thus resulting in a complex image. The accomplishment of an objective of such an extent and conceptual signification could be achieved only through an appropriate mastering of orchestral writing, revealing a high level of symphonic sense. Badian portrays ‘the ethnic and cultural complexity of this huge country, Canada’. This is a mark of composer’s fervent devotion to her adopted land. It is a musical achievement of lasting importance. We welcome a new composition: kaleidoscopic, original, profound, sensible and deserving of eternal international significance.” Efim Tcaci: MultiMusic Canada by Maya Badian, Moldova Suverana, June 14, 2001

“In Badian’s Concerto Grosso for timpani, obbligato trumpet and string orchestra there is a strong connection between this exciting work and the various musical periods of the past 300 years – a concerto that spans at least 300 years of music and all of its fascinating styles. Badian’s Concerto Grosso is a wonderful piece that crosses so many musical styles but still retains a distinct ‘Badian’ sound and feel.” Eric Paetkau, conductor. Toronto, February 7, 2013

“Badian’s Holocaust – In Memoriam, Symphony is a sober, introspective and powerful work, accessible to nearly every listener. It surely will be reckoned as one of music’s most important statements on the Holocaust. Despite the somber palette Badian uses, she shows herself to be a masterful orchestrator, exploiting the subtle differences between instruments and weaving a most affecting tapestry of timbre.” Richard Todd: Holocaust Symphony an important statement, The Ottawa Citizen, September 13, 1997.

Canadian Wilderness and Stillness, Symphonic Evocation on the Group of Seven is based on my thorough research of techniques used by The Seven Canadian painters, reflecting their creative visions into my music. This principle brought up a symbiosis applied to the metamorphosis of 20th-century techniques both in fine arts and music”. Maya Badian: Glimpses Into My Compositional Style and Techniques.

Celebrating Life in Ottawa is the 15th CD featuring Maya Badian’s music.

“I strongly believe that Dr. Badian’s work represent a powerful connection between two so different cultures: South-Eastern European, and North American. She has achieved a highly creative level in her music, blending the unusual sonorities of Eastern European countries with contemporary compositional techniques. Her unique style has brought much acclaim and her works have been performed around the world. Her compositions signify an important and meaningful synthesis at the close of the past Millennium. Her music is a testimony to her constant reflection upon the state of humankind.” Fred Popovici: The Life and The Music of Maya Badian, A Privilege to Soar.

“Maya Badian’s contributions to Canadian music include publications, workshops, and lectures on contemporary Canadian composers.” Elaine Keillor: Music in Canada, Capturing Landscape and Diversity, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2006, p. 268.

100 Canadian Composers from Atlantic to Pacific by Maya Badian has become a primary reference book used in Canada and worldwide.” Canadian Music Centre.

“Thank you, Maya, for choosing to come to Canada and for being so generous towards your adopted country. Let’s hope to benefit from all your current and future accomplishments for many years!” Mireille Gagné, Director, Canadian Music Centre (Québec), Montréal, 2003.


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Happy watching!

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Maya Badian: List of Published Original Compositions. Selection


Title; Year of Composition; Instrumentation; Timing

  1. Original Own Compositions


A Musical Journey for Sinfonietta (c. 2010)

2-2-2-2/2-1-1-0/timp./pc./str. Duration: 11 minutes

Orchestral Arches (c. 2005,rev. 2009)

2-2-2-2/2-2-1-0/timp./1 pc./str. Duration: 10 minutes

Canadian Wilderness and Stillness, symphonic evocation on the Group of Seven (c. 2005)

2-2-2-2/2-2-2-1/timp./2 pc./str. Duration: 14 minutes

MultiMusic Canada, A Legacy for the New Millennium, fresco (c. 2000)

2-2-2-2/4-3-3-1/timp./2 pc./vibr., xyl., mba./hp./str. Duration: 15 minutes

MultiMusic Canada for the New Millennium, fresco for orchestra (c. 1999)

2-2-2-2/4-3-3-1/timp./3 pc./xyl./mba./str. Duration: 21 minutes

Holocaust – In memoriam, Symphony (c. 1987): orchestrated version III (2011), preceded by analysis

3-3-3-3/4-3-3-1/timp./3 pc./str. Duration: 20 minutes

Holocaust – In Memoriam, Symphony (c. 1987): orchestrated version II (1998)

2-2-2-2/2-2-3-0/timp./2 pc./str. Duration: 20 minutes

Holocaust – In Memoriam, Symphony (c. 1987)

3-3-3-3/4-3-3-1/timp./4 pc./str. Duration: 20 minutes

Toccata and Passacaglia (c. 1982)

1-1-1-0/1-1-1-1/timp./3 pc./str. Duration: 15 minutes

Sinfonietta (c. 1976; rev. 1982)

2-2-2-2 /2-2-2-0/timp./2 pc./str. Duration: 15 minutes

Symphonic Diptych (c. 1976)

2-2-2-2/ 4-3-3-0/ timp./ 2 pc./str. Duration: 16 minutes

Symphonic Movement (c. 1968)

3-3-3-3/4-3-3-1/timp./pc./str. Duration: 10 minutes

Soloist(s) and Orchestra

Reflets laurentiens, Concerto for clarinet, saxophone and orchestra (c. 1994)

clarinet/saxophone, 1 performer, solo; 2-2-2-2/2-2-0-0/ timp./pc./str. Duration: 21 minutes

Concerto for marimba, vibraphone and orchestra(c. 1988)

marimba/vibraphone, 1 performer, solo; 1-1-1-0/ 0-1-sax.0/timp./3 pc./str. Duration: 18 minutes

Concerto for guitar and orchestra (c. 1981)

guitar solo/0-0-0-0/2-2 timp./2 pc./str. Duration:16 minutes

Concerto for violin and orchestra (c. 1980)

violin solo/2-2-3-2/3-3-3-1-sax./timp./2 pc./str. Duration:16 minutes

Concerto for piano and orchestra (c. 1978)

piano solo/2-2-3-2/ 2-3-3-0 /timp./2 pc./str. Duration: 10 minutes

Voice and Orchestra

Towards the Pinnacle, Poem for soprano and orchestra (c. 1973)

soprano solo/3-0-3-2/0-1-1-0/pc./str. Duration: 8 minutes

Chorus and Orchestra

Cantata Canada, Cantata Profana for mixed chorus and orchestra (c. 1992)

s.a.t.b./3-3-3-2/4-3-3-1/timp./3 pc./str. Duration: 43 minutes

String Orchestra

Mirrored Reflections of the Ottawa Valley (c. 2003)

str. Duration: 12 minutes

Daily Tumult (c. 1994)

str. Duration: 13 minutes

Soloist(s) and String Orchestra

Concert Music for cello and string orchestra (c. 1999)

vlc./str. Duration: 12 minutes

Concerto Grosso for timpani, obbligato trumpet and string orchestra (c. 1987)

4 timpani, 1 performer, solo/trumpet, solo/str. Duration: 12 minutes

Concerto Grosso for timpani, obbligato trumpet and thirteen strings (c. 1987; version for 13 strings)

4 timpani, 1 performer, solo/trumpet, solo/13 str. Duration: 12 minutes

Instrumental Ensembles

Hope Beyond The Struggles for cello quartet (c. 2015). Duration: 15 minutes

Music for Archaeus, instrumental septet (c. 2001) pno./vln./vlc./ob./cl./bs./pc. Duration: 12 minutes

Espace Musique for bassoon and string quintet (c. 2001). Duration: 12 minutes

Concerto Grosso for timpani: timpani and piano (c. 1987). Duration: 12 minutes

Endless Romanian Traces for cello and piano (c. 2000). Duration: 12 minutes

Fuga a quarto voci for string quartet (c. 2000). Duration: 2 minutes

Memories in the Ottawa Valley for String Quintet (c. 1998). Duration: 10 minutes

Crossed Links Over Times for String Quartet (c. 1998). Duration: 7 minutes

Jeux de tons for Two Flutes and Piano (c. 1995). Duration: 3 minutes

Yes, It’s Blues-Time! for Clarinet and Piano (c. 1994). Duration: 7 minutes

Cantus Planus I for Oboe and Piano (c. 1994). Duration: 4 minutes

Cantus Planus II for Oboe and Organ (c. 1994). Duration: 4 minutes

Cantus Planus III for Clarinet and Piano (c. 1994). Duration: 4 minutes

Cantus Planus IV for Clarinet and Organ (c. 1994). Duration: 4 minutes

Music in Square for String Quartet (c. 1993). Duration: 10 minutes

Fugitive Visions for Instrumental Trio (c. 1991). Duration: 5 minutes

Guitar Concerto (c. 1981, reduction: 1990) gtr./pno. Duration: 16 minutes

Suite on Romanian Themes for Marimba, Vibraphone and Piano (c. 1988). Duration: 12 minutes

Movimento for Woodwind Quintet (c. 1978). Duration: 10 minutes

Chamber Concerto for Horn and Percussion (c. 1976). Duration: 13 minutes

Dialogues for Trumpet and Double-Bass (c. 1973). Duration: 7 minutes

Dance for Three Cellos (c. 1962). Duration: 4 minutes

Dance for Woodwind Trio (c. 1962). Duration: 4 minutes

Dance for String Trio (c. 1962). Duration: 4 minutes

Vocal Ensembles

Prayer I for Soprano and Flute (c. 1997). Duration: 5 minutes

Psaume II, Chant pour Soprano et Baryton (c. 1997). Duration: 5 minutes

Priere III, Chant pour deux sopranos (c. 1997). Duration: 5 minutes

Psalm IV for Two Sopranos (c. 1997). Duration: 5 minutes

Unaccompanied Instruments

Plainchant for Organ (c. 2014). Duration: 4 minutes

In the Shadow of the Iron Curtain for Soprano-Saxophone Solo (c. 2012). Duration: 6 minutes

Reflections for Cello Solo (c. 2012). 5 minutes

Prelude and Fugue on Baroque Style for Cello Solo (c. 2011). Duration: 5 minutes

Timpani Quartum 2009 for Four Timpani (1 player) (c. 2009). Duration: 8 minutes

Timpani Quintum 2009 for Five Timpani (1 player) (c. 2009). Duration: 8 minutes

Mosaïques sonores for Tuba Solo (c. 1990). Duration: 7 minutes

Capriccio for Bassoon Solo (c. 1981). Duration: 7 minutes

Profiles for Trombone Solo (c. 1978). Duration: 7 minutes

Valachian Dance for Cello Solo (c. 1975). Duration: 5 minutes

Incantation for Clarinet Solo (c. 1974). Duration: 7 minutes

Echoes for Flute Solo (c. 1973). Duration: 7 minutes

Monody for Oboe Solo (c. 1973). Duration: 7 minutes

Monologue for Violin Solo (c. 1971). Duration: 7 minutes


Sonata in Classic Style for piano (c. 2017)

Enjoying Piano! Primary to A.R.C.T. Levels (c. 2009).

Canadian Musical Universe: Piano Compositions Preceded by Composer’s Notes: Beginner (c. 2005).

All Graded Piano Compositions Preceded by Composer’s Analyses (c. 2005).

Book I, Primary; Book II, Intermediate; Book III, Advanced; Book IV, ARCT

Modes and Moods (c. 1999). Duration: 3 minutes

Metamorphoses for Piano Four Hands (c. 1997). Duration: 10 minutes

Music and Meditation (c. 1997). Duration: 6 minutes

Little Toccata (c. 1997) 1 minute

Little Mirror (c. 1997) 1 minute

Portrait (c. 1996) 7:30 minutes

Fantasia (c. 1994) 10 minutes

Children’s World, Fourteen Progressive Pieces Preceded by Composer’s Analyses (c. 1988) 12 minutes

Du monde des enfants, quatorze pièces graduelles pour piano précédées d’analyses par le

compositeur (c. 1988)

Instrumental Theatre and Multimedia

Rainbow of Hopes 2010 for Clarinet Solo and Acting (c. 2010)

MultiMusic Canada for the New Millennium (c. 1999) 2-2-2-2/4-3-3-1/timp./3 pc./s.a.t.b./str./multimedia.

Scenic Mosaics, Instrumental Theatre for Piano, Pantomime, and Multimedia (c. 1997)


Mosaïques sonores for Tuba Solo and Acting (c. 1990)


Nati-Alex, Duo for violin and piano. Beginners level (c. 1996)

Melodico-Ritmico, 250 Dictations for university level, 2 volumes (c. 1987)

  1. Musicology

Glimpses Into My Compositional Style and Techniques: text and musical examples (2014)

ISBN 978-2-9219446-1-8

Children’s World, 14 pieces for piano by Maya Badian, preceded by composer’s analyses (1995)

ISMN M-53001-022-8

Du monde des enfants, 14 pièces pour piano de Maya Badian précédées par analyses musicologiques (1995)

ISMN M-53001-039-6

Echoes for Flute by Maya Badian Preceded by Composer’s Analysis (1995)

ISMN M-53001-037-2

Résonances pour flûte de Maya Badian précédée par analyse signée par la compositrice (1995)

ISMN M-53001-038-9

Fantasia for Piano by Maya Badian Preceded by Composer’s Analysis (1994)

ISMN M-53001-025-9

Cantata Canada de Maya Badian précédée par l’analyse musicologique signée par la compositrice (1992)

ISBN 2-921944-07-3

Cantata Canada by Maya Badian Preceded by Composer’s Musicological Analysis (1992)

ISBN 2-921944-17-0

Terre des homme d’André Prévost précédée par l’analyse musicologique par Maya Badian (1991)

ISBN 2-921944-04-9

III. Writings on Music and Arts

Music Glossary, Updated & Expanded Edition. Terms and Definitions: Rudiments, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis, History, Orchestration, Composition (2010)

ISBN 978-2-921944-57-1

Music Glossary. Rudiments, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis, History, Orchestration, Composition (2008)

ISBN 978-2-921944-50-2

100 Canadian Composers from Atlantic to Pacific (2007)

ISBN 978-2-921944-46-5

66 Canadian Composers from Sea to Sea (2005)

ISBN 2-921944-38-3

Time and Sound through My Approach as a Composer (2002)

ISBN 2-921944-32-4

Lectures on Music and on Relationships between Music and Visual Arts (2001)

ISBN 2-921-944-30-8

55 Canadian Composers from Sea to Sea (2000)

ISBN 2-921944-25-1

Traditional and Contemporary Techniques in My Compositions (1998)

ISBN 2-921944-19-7

Teaching Natural Diatonic Modes (1998)

ISBN 2-921944-18-9

Meeting the Composer: Maya Badian on Maya Badian (1997)

ISBN 2-921944-14-6

Maya Badian on her Symphony, “Holocaust – In Memoriam” (1997)

ISBN 2-921944-14-6

Die kanadische Musik von einem Ozean zum anderen (in German language) (1994)

ISBN 2-921944-10-3

Film Music / Essai sur la musique de film. Jésus de Montréal (1994)

ISBN 2-921944-22-7

Une possible rencontre entre la musique et la peinture québécoises d’aujourd’hui (1993)

ISBN 2-921944-06-5