Afarin Mansouri

icot_171_jm44520Afarin Mansouri is an award-winning composer whose works have been performed in Canada, the United States, England, Iran, and South America. She received Music Creation Grants from the Toronto Arts Council for her children’s operetta To whom shall I give my heart?, based on a Persian story by Nader Ebrahimi in 2014, and her multidisciplinary work Doors, in 2015. Afarin has also appeared as solo soprano, singing new music in Farsi language at Toronto Culture Days 2014, Tirgan Festival 2015 and ICOT’s The Thirtieth Act in 2016.

Currently Afarin is a PhD candidate at York University finishing her research on children’s opera while teaching undergrad courses in music. She has presented her research at the Institute of Musical Research, London, UK (2013), and the 25th annual conference Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association, Baltimore (2014).

Afarin is very active in her community as musician and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto (ICOT), and has curated many seasonal concerts with them since 2011. She is also founder and director of MUSIC NEST, an organization dedicated to educating and inspiring families through musical programs. She is an Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre and board member of North York Arts.

Lauréate de différents prix, AFARIN MANSOURI est une compositrice dont les œuvres ont été interprétées au Canada et à l’étranger (États-Unis, Angleterre, Iran et Amérique du Sud). Elle a reçu une bourse de création musicale du Conseil des arts de Toronto pour son opérette pour enfants To whom shall I give my heart? inspirée d’un récit de Nader Ebrahimi en 2014, et pour sa composition multidisciplinaire Doors en 2015. Afarin s’est également produite comme soprano, chantant en farsi aux Toronto Culture Days (2014), au Tirgan Festival (2015) et dans The Thirtieth Act produit par l’Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto (ICOT) en 2016.

Afarin poursuit actuellement des études doctorales à l’Université York où elle termine des travaux de recherche sur l’opéra pour enfants en plus d’enseigner au premier cycle. Elle a présenté ses travaux à l’Institute of Musical Research à Londres (2013) et dans le cadre de la 25e conférence annuelle Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association à Baltimore (2014).

Afarin est très impliquée dans sa communauté, à la fois comme musicienne et entrepreneure. Cofondatrice et directrice artistique de l’Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto (ICOT) dont elle a coordonné la programmation pendant plusieurs saisons depuis 2011, elle a également fondé et dirige MUSIC NEST, un organisme qui se consacre à l’éducation et la promotion des familles à l’aide de programmes musicaux. Elle est compositrice agréée du Centre de musique canadienne et membre du conseil de North York Arts.

List of Compositions

Whan all is Lost/Onion
Soprano, Tenor and Piano
5 min   Created and Performed at Tapestry Lib Lab    2016

Morning Prayers
Tenor and Piano
5 min   Created and Performed at Tapestry Lib Lab    2016

Queen of the Swords
Soprano, Baritone and Piano
Ca.5 min          Created and Performed at Tapestry Lib Lab    2016

Nowruz Preparation
Soprano and Piano
6 min   Performed and Recorded by Ladom Ensemble, Land of Four Seasons          2016

Yeganeye Javedaneh
Soprano and Piano
5 min   Performed and Recorded at Tirgan Festival    2015

Universal Love
Soprano and Piano
7 min   Performed and Recorded at The 30th Act       2015

Ba To Boodan
Soprano and Piano
7 min   Performed and Recorded at The 30th Act       2015

Persian Songs for Children (Album)
Piano and Voice
45 min In progress      2015

Natalis Solis Invicti
Chamber Orchestra
Performed by ICOT (Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto) /
7 min   Performed and Recorded in Toronto, Dec 2014


Solo Clarinet  5 min   Performed at CMC
Recorded         2014

My Little Heart
One act musical for children
Produced with the support of the city of Toronto through Toronto Arts Council
30 min Performance Workshop in Culture days 2014
Video recording          2014

Khosro and Shirin
Movement 1: Love At first Sight
For Orchestra
A commissioned ballet work for  ICOT, YouDance and Cathedral Blufss Orchestra
2 min   Performed May 2014 and Recorded

Spiritual Chant
Mezzo Soprano and Piano      10 min             2013

Aria Hope+ 2 intermezzo
The Operatic Narration of Arash the Archer
Choir and Orchestra/ Musical Drama  10 min             Commissioned by Toronto Arts Council and Tirgan Festival 2013

Rain Again   Mezzo Soprano and Piano (Children’s Music)          8min                2013

Common Pain               Mezzo Soprano and String Quartet
Performed by ICOT (Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto) in New Music New Poetry program          12 min Recorded         2012

Friend                                          Choir and Wind Ensemble
Commissioned work for Windago, conducted by Leah Mc Gray       8 min   Recorded         2012

Amad Bahar                                  Choir and Orchestra
Commissioned work for Toronto Iranian National Orchestra for Persian New Year 7min                2012

Abstacts for Piano Solo
Performed by ICOT (Iranian Composers of Toronto) in Persian Piano Night            10 min Recorded         2011

Persian Abstract                                 Violin and piano
Commissioned for Canadian Women Composers program by St Augustine Duo      7 min   Recorded         2010

Mohabbat   Mezzo Soprano, Baritone, Choir and Orchestra  15 min             2010

Friends       Mezzo Soprano, Baritone, Choir and Orchestra  8 min               2010

Panic Attack          Wind Ensemble         10 min Reading session Recorded      2010

Reflections on Bartok     String Quartet          7 min   Reading session Recorded      2009

Qualiche (Little Rug)       Trio for Harp, Viola and Flute       6 min   Recorded         2009

Chichen Itza/ Amma/ A nice day                Electronic           5 min   Recorded         2009

His Deepest Dream                       Percussion Ensemble
Performed by TorQ percussion Ensemble      9 min   Recorded         2009

A Fallen Soldier               Baritone, Choir and Orchestra
Winner of 2008 Fajr international Music Award , Tehran, Iran          15 min Reading session Recorded      2008

Horse and Fire                                          for 2 Pianos
Winner of 2 by 10 piano duo competition, performed in Canada and US       8 min   Recorded         2008

Only Sound Can Remain     Electronic and live Soprano
Commissioned and Performance in Toronto Nuit Blanch Festivak 2008        5 min   Recorded         2008

Miniature                            Duet for Dulcimer and Cello      5 min   Recorded         2007

An Icy Day                                 For 3 Guitars and Harp       6 min   Recorded         2006

Caravan     3 violins, Flute, Clarinet, Percussions and Harp  5 min   Recorded         2006

Sound of Water                                 Piano for 4 Hands
Performed by ICOT (Iranian Composers of Toronto) in Persian Piano Night            5 min   Recorded         2005

Sorna                                 Trio for Piano, Daf and Flute       7 min               2005

Bewildered                                        Solo French Horn         6 min               2005

Last Minute                                                String Trio           5 min   Recorded         2004

Lament                                                                  Solo Flute 5 min   Recorded         2004