Julia Mermelstein

Website: http://juliamermelstein.com/
Social Media: Instagram – @juliamermelstein ; Twitter – @juliamerms

Composer Julia Mermelstein blends electronic soundscapes and choreography into performances that create a space for introspection and the surreal.

Her music has been performed across Canada and in the USA by distinguished ensembles and musicians such as Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, North/South Chamber Ensemble, Barbara Pritchard, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and Blue Rider Ensemble.

Recent projects include commissions from Arraymusic, Esprit Orchestra, Ilana Waniuk, and interdisciplinary collaborations with Leslie Ting, Din of Shadows, and Angela Blumberg Dance.

Julia’s music has also been featured at Vancouver New Music, NottNOISE New Music Festival (UK), The Music Gallery, Open Waters Experimental Music Festival (Halifax), CEMIcircles Intermedia Festival (Texas), OUA Electronic Music Festival (Osaka, Japan), and Festival of Original Theatre (Toronto). She was recently awarded the Trudi Le Caine Award in GroundSwell’s 2020 Emerging Composers Competition and awarded third-place in Musicworks’ 2017 International Electronic Music Competition.

Originally from Halifax, Julia currently lives and works in Toronto as a freelance composer and designer at Human Collective. She studied with Georges Dimitrov earning her BFA from Concordia University and independent post-graduate studies with Linda Catlin Smith, Brian Harman, and Juliet Palmer.


All scores available with the composer and through the Canadian Music Centre. For full list of works with audio and video, visit Julia’s website.

Chamber Music

density swells upclose in breath (2019)
For two pianos; 11’. Commissioned by La Fiammata Piano Duo with support from the Ontario Arts Council.

Sunder (2018)
for flute, piano, and electronics; 10’. Commissioned by Amanda Lowry and Jason White.

into a landscape, unrest (2017)
For mixed ensemble: viola, bassoon, percussion, piano, and electronics; 13’. Commissioned by Caution Tape Sound Collective

without ground (2016)
for flute, cello, and percussion; 12’. Commissioned by Blue Rider Ensemble.

Cycle Scope (2015)
for mixed ensemble and soprano (fl, cl, perc, pno, sop, vln, db); 8′. Composed for Toy Piano Composers Ensemble

Cosmosis (2015)
for string quartet; 7’. Composed forQuatuor Bozzini.


Threaded to be bound/unbound (2019)
for solo double bass and electronics; 8’. Commissioned by Caution Tape Sound, composed for Adam Scime.

IMPRINT (2019)
for solo piano; 1’. Commissioned by Barbara Pritchard.

Only edges (2018)
for solo piano and fixed electronics; 10’. Commissioned by Barbara Pritchard with support from Canada Council of the Arts.

Woven, Still (2017)
for multi-percussion, electronics, and movement; 15’. Commissioned by Caution Tape Sound Collective.

XIV (2017)
for soprano (voice) and live electronics; 5’. Composed for Adanya Dunn (soprano)

Fear of Falling (into the unknown) (2015)
for solo electric guitar; 10’. Composed for Jacob Wies.

Interdisciplinary Works

Inner Forms (2019)
for solo violin, solo violin, electronics, radio, and movement; 15’. Commissioned by Ilana Waniuk.

out of grains, within clouds (2019)
For two marimbas, sandpaper, wood, and electronics; 13′. Commissioned by Din of Shadows.

drifting, vividly (2018)
For mixed ensemble: alto saxophone, viola, percussion, piano, electronics, and two dancers; 30’. Commissioned by Din of Shadows.

RE:connect (2016)
for baritone saxophone and electronics; 13’. Commissioned by Sarah Hopkin for her choreographic work funded by Toronto Arts Council.

RELFEXtion (2015)
for mixed ensemble (fl, bn, gl, vib, perc, pno, vln, vla); 13’30”. Commissioned by Sarah Hopkin for her choreographic work.


in water suspended (2021)
for orchestra ( / / piano / 1perc / strings); 10’. Commissioned by and composed for Esprit Orchestra with support from the Ontario Arts Council.

in turn (2017)
for full orchestra ( / 4.2.2+bass.1 / timp + 2perc / strings); 8’.

Shift (2016)
for string orchestra; 7’. Composed for and premiered by Ensemble Arkea.