The ACWC/AFCC is divided into four categories of membership. Applications and nominations are considered based on the following requirements:

1.  ACTIVE – A composer who is a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant. She will be entitled to a vote.

2. AFFILIATE – A composer of any nationality, whether or not she resides in Canada.  She will not be entitled to a vote.

3. COMPOSER-IN-TRAINING – a student composer who is a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who is currently involved in the completion of basic compositional training (i.e. Undergraduate, Masters degree or equivalent independent study). She will not be entitled to a vote.

4. ASSOCIATE – (i) Individual – a supporting person who is not a composer.  No voting privileges.
(ii) Institutional – a supporting organization who is interested in supporting the aims of the ACWC. No voting privileges.

How to Become a Member

Would you (or your organization) like to become an ACWC/AFCC member?

1. Complete our Membership Form here. Please see our requirements for membership categories above.

2. Once you have submitted your form and it has been approved, please pay your dues here either through Paypal or cheque

All Members will receive a full version of the ACWC Journal, will be listed in the ACWC directory, have website privileges to have their biographical information displayed.

Are you already an ACWC/AFCC member?

Complete the Membership Form for current year renewal.  BOTH new AND renewing members should submit the Membership form in with their dues.

Please note that Membership Fees are due July 1 of every year (Please note that while we accept payment throughout the year, membership dues are payable annually on July 1 – i.e. for period July 1 to June 30)

Payment options are available here.


If you would like to know more information, update your contact information, or add information to your profile please contact the following members:

Carol Ann Weaver


To register online, please fill out and submit your registration form here.

Once you have submitted your form, please pay your dues.  Payment options can be found here.