Paulette Popp

Paulette Popp

Paulette Popp, Richmond Hill, ON.

Paulette Popp graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1970 with an honours BA in French language and literature.  Paulette then completed post-graduate studies in the Faculty of Education to qualify as a High School French teacher.
While raising four children, Paulette embarked on a new career and earned her ARCT Diploma in Piano Pedagogy from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto.

Paulette’s passion for teaching music to young children started while teaching piano to her own four children.  This later inspired her to write a beginner piano method over 16 years!

The “Peter Linden Piano Course” consists of 4 levels:
Pre-1 “Lucky Fingers – A Conservatory Primer” (48 pages, pre-staff notation, lyrics and duet accompaniment for every selection)
Book 1 – “Conservatory Stepping Stones”  (64 pages, pre-staff and grand staff, lyrics and duet accompaniment, some illustrations)
Book 2 – “Conservatory Corner Stones”  (56 pages, lyrics and duet accompaniment)
Book 3 – “A Conservatory Companion” (40 to 48 pages: solos, plus songs / some with teacher accompaniment;  undergoing final revision for Spring 2017 release)
Books 2 and 3 of this piano course may lead into and accompany conservatory preparatory and first grade levels.  Pieces have imaginative, singable lyrics and duet accompaniment.  There is a notable variety of tonality, meter and fingering.  A comprehensive and comparative analysis of leading beginner methods has been ongoing to ensure that the “Peter Linden Piano Course” has some significantly different or unique features.
A recent addition to this piano course is the accompanying workbook for Book 1:  “My First Theory Playbook.”  (A theory “playbook” for Book 2 is presently being written and tried out.)

In 2007, Paulette completed an imaginative and endearing Christmas album, “Move Over Little Donkey.”  There are 10 original pieces for elementary level piano, which relate the Biblical story of Jesus born in a stable in Bethlehem.  Titles include:  “Asleep in the Barn”,  “Carpenter’s Boy”,
“Shepherds are Telling” and “Song of the Hen.”  The simple melodies and singable lyrics have duet accompaniment, are instructive and progressively sequenced.   A set of 15 flashcards for the full range of notes used, may be detached from the back.  Helpful practise suggestions are given on the last page of this 24-page publication.

One of Paulette’s compositions for violin and piano – “The Plucky Snake” – was published by Frederick Harris Music in 2013 in their Royal Conservatory Level 1 Violin repertoire album.

Due to copyright protection of these self-published works, excerpts do not as yet appear on any website.  A limited number of copies are made available to music teachers by means of workshop presentations, as well as interested members of the ACWC upon inquiry.