Paulette Popp

Paulette Popp

Paulette Popp, Richmond Hill, ON.

Paulette Popp is an enthusiastic, imaginative piano teacher and author of The Peter Linden Piano Course for young beginners. The name “Peter Linden” comes from Paulette’s initial “P” and her maiden name: Terlinden. Fanciful lyrics and duet accompaniment can be found throughout “Peter’s” four progressively sequenced levels.

Paulette earned her Associate Diploma in piano pedagogy from Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music in 2001, and has been an active member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association ( since 1998. Paulette joined ACWC in 2006.  She is also a member of ACWC’s Piano Teacher / Composer Collective.

Paulette’s Christmas album Move Over, Little Donkey is an endearing set of 10 progressively sequenced elementary piano pieces, which re-imagine the story of Jesus born in a Bethlehem stable, with gifts not only from the three Wise Men, but from the donkey and other animals in the barn.  There are lyrics and duet accompaniment for every song.

One of Paulette’s compositions for violin and piano – The Plucky Snake – was published in the 2013 Royal Conservatory Level 1 Violin Repertoire album. The compilers for the 2021 RCM Violin series requested her permission to re-publish “Plucky Snake” in their new series.

Her composition Out on a Limb will be listed in the new RCM Syllabus as an alternate Level 1 “List A” violin selection. A performance of this piece was recorded and posted to YouTube by ACWC member Sheila Vandikas, and her son Harrison. Here is the link:

Paulette has a daughter, three sons, and seven grandchildren. Her hobbies include backyard bird feeding, Nordic pole walking, reading, writing poems and stories, practicing piano, listening to classical music, and digging weeds from her garden.