Sarah Reid


Sarah Belle Reid is a Canadian performer-composer, active in the fields of electroacoustic trumpet performance, intermedia arts, music technology, and improvisation. She has performed throughout the world with artists including Charlie Haden, Wadada Leo Smith, and Vinny Golia, and with ensembles such as the Liberation Music Orchestra, KREation Ensemble, Orchestre de la Francophonie, and the Montreal Symphony Pops Orchestra. Reid currently resides in Los Angeles where she regularly performs, tours, and records in a broad range of musical genres and settings, from new music groups like The Industry and Burnt Dot, to pop and commercial artists such as Adele, Avey Tare (Animal Collective), and Estrella TV.

As a performer dedicated to new and experimental music, Reid has premiered over 40 works for solo trumpet, as well as multiple chamber and performance art pieces. She is a founding member of the trumpet/modular synthesizer duo Burnt Dot (, dedicated to exploring open forms of spontaneous creation and electroacoustic collaboration.

As a composer, Reid’s work focuses on liminality and memory imprints both in sound and physical performance—a fascination inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s writings on infrathin. She has also been working on the design and development of new interfaces for musical expression, as a means of augmenting the trumpet. Reid is a co-developer of the Minimally Invasive Gesture Sensing Interface (MIGSI) for trumpet: an open-source, wireless interface that captures performance data and provides real-time extended sonic and visual control.

As a scholar, Reid has studied with music technology leaders Dr. Ajay Kapur and Dr. Perry Cook, and published technical and theoretical papers on the subjects of interdisciplinary process and collaboration, musical interface design, and alternate methods of musical notation. Reid has been an invited speaker and guest artist at Hendrix University, University of Oregon, UC Irvine’s Women in Music Technology symposium, the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music, and the international conference of New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME).

Reid received a Bachelor of Music in trumpet performance from McGill University’s Schulich School of Music and a Master of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts, where she is currently on faculty teaching music technology (Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence, and Design), and music theory.


flux (2016–2017)  *Winner of Next Wave Composer Initiative
amplified objects, 10′
Los Angeles Percussion Quartet (LAPQ)
CSUF New Music Festival, Feb. 23rd, 2017, Meng Concert Hall, Fullerton, CA
Los Angeles Percussion Quartet (LAPQ)
Jan. 29th, 2017, Chapman University, Orange, CA

[Spectral][Impulse] (2016)
two percussionists, 10′
Cory Hills and Vanessa Tomlinson, percussion
16th Annual Cal State Fullerton CSUF New Music Festival, Feb. 24th, 2017, Fullerton, CA

Kangaroo Communiqué (2016)
trumpet and modular synthesizer quartet, 12′
Recorded Sept. 2016 by Burnt Dot Quartet

Sunday, Mid-Morning (2016)
trumpet, artificially installed impediments, electronics, 15′ (with Ryan Gaston)
Ethan Marks (trumpet) and Tim Tsang (electronics)
Concrete + Metal, Feb. 2016, Wild Beast Pavilion, Valencia, CA

Pocket Fig (2016)
augmented trumpet, flexible duration (with Ryan Gaston)
Sarah Belle Reid, trumpet
California Electronic Music Exchange Concert, April 2016, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA
Sarah Belle Reid, trumpet
New Expressions: Women in Music Technology Symposium, Feb. 2016, UC Irvine, CA
Sarah Belle Reid, trumpet
Experimental Sound Practice (ESP) Night, Feb. 2016, CalArts, Valencia, CA

Spatial Frontiers (2015)
trumpet and three synthesizers (with Todd Barton, Bruce Bayard, and Ryan Gaston)
Todd Barton, Bruce Bayard, Ryan Gaston (synthesizers), Sarah Belle Reid (trumpet)
May 2015: Schneider Museum of Art, Ashland, OR

Murmuration (2015)
trumpet, percussion, and electronics, 35′ (with J.C. Scheid and T. Gennaro)
May 2015, Sharon Disney Lund Theatre, CalArts, Valencia, CA

Stockhausen by Proxy Syndrome (2015)
MIGSI trumpet and telematic vocalist, (with Perry Cook)
Perry Cook (telematic vocalist), Sarah Belle Reid (augmented trumpet)
Digital Arts Expo, May 2015, CalArts, Valencia, CA

That Won’t Dance (2014)
trumpet and ChucK, 3′ (with J.C. Scheid)
Sarah Belle Reid, trumpet
ChucK Programming Concert, Dec 2014, Roy O. Disney Concert Hall, Valencia, CA


and the space (2017)
solo trumpet, 6–12′

Annie Lemieux
Chosen Vale International Trumpet Seminar, June 2017, New Hampshire
Sarah Belle Reid
Roy O. Disney Concert Hall, CalArts, March 2017, Valencia, CA

Tacet (2016–2017)
solo trumpet, flexible duration
Sarah Belle Reid
High Voltage Series, Electric Lodge, Feb. 3rd, 2017 Venice, CA
Sarah Belle Reid
In Real Life: Studio, scheduled for Jan. 6–24, 2017, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Balloon Pop (2016)
bass clarinet, 8′

Basket (2015)
toys, balloons, tent, guided audience, 6′ (with Ryan Gaston)
May 2015, Mark Taper Courtyard, Valencia, CA

Metal and Wood (2014)
trumpet and percussion, 5′
Sarah Belle Reid and Anna Wray
Oct 2014, Sharon Disney Lund Theatre, Valencia, CA

Pekoe (2014)
unaccompanied trumpet, 4′
Sarah Belle Reid
Aug. 2014, Campbellford, ON

X (2013)
trumpet, score fragments, audience participation, flexible duration
Sarah Belle Reid
Sept. 2013, Mark Taper Courtyard, CalArts, Valencia, CA

Circumplex (2012)
for four, 15′
Felix Del Tredici and Mikolaj Debowski (trombone), Sarah Belle Reid and Jessica Waithe (trumpet) March 2012, Redpath Hall, Montreal, QC


Fashion Fountain (2016)
trumpet/modular synthesizer fixed media, interactive visuals (with Ryan Gaston)
Sines & Squares: A Celebration of Analogue and Modular Synthesis, Nov. 2016, Manchester, UK

Spatial Preserves (2016)
generative system for field recordings and homemade speaker network
CalArts Digital Arts Expo, May 2016, Valencia, CA

Disonillum (2015)
open instrumentation, degenerative audio processing (with J.C. Scheid & R. Gaston)
Vinny Golia (bass clarinet), Carmina Escobar (voice), Kris Tiner (trumpet), Kevin Robinson (saxophone), Ryan Gaston (sundry objects and toys), Justin Scheid (flute)
April 2015, WaveCave Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA