Sophie Bisson

Sophie M. Bisson

Sophie Bisson is an opera singer and a PhD candidate at York University, where her work primarily focuses on Canadian Opera. A recipient of the Sunnuz Sarah Taheri Graduate Award in Fine Arts, she has written and presented on topics that include how institutional policies influence the creation of opera in Canada, re-righting the wrongs of Louis Riel’s Kuyas, the evolution and themes of the Canadian aria, and articles on the revival of Claude Vivier’s opera Kopernikus.

Sophie’s dissertation studies the representation of women in nine 21st Century Canadian operas. This examination includes all of the elements of operatic construction, from genesis to reception, and a close analysis of both the libretto and score. Her work is also concerned with the challenges of managing the inherited operatic repertoire.

Sophie is the creator and editor of the forthcoming Online Encyclopedia of Canadian Opera, slated for release in fall 2021. The Online Encyclopedia of Canadian Opera aims to be the most comprehensive searchable database on the Canadian operatic repertoire in the world. The repertoire, which now counts almost 500 operas, is searchable via numerous parameters built with the advancement of Canadian opera expertise in mind. The encyclopedia will serve as a tool for all performers, music departments, and opera companies to discover, research, and perform arias or entire operas. The encyclopedia will also feature a submission page for composers to submit their work and will feature a built-in purchasing platform for scores.