Sophie Dupuis

Sophie Dupuis is a composer from New Brunswick interested in interdisciplinary art music and music for soloist, small and large ensembles. She is recognized for her impressive technique and endless imagination. She finds her voice in her childhood spent in the picturesque scenery of the Maritimes, her attraction to raw electrical sounds, and her emotional response to art involving the human body and voice. Her works have been commissioned and performed by groups such as The Arts Song Project, Made in Trio, Din of Shadows, Caution Tape Sound Collective, Thin Edge New Music Collective, and ECM+ for their Generation2018 tour. Sophie received a Karen Kieser Prize in Canadian Music from the University of Toronto and several prizes for her studies in music, including the University Medal in Music from Dalhousie University, an Ontario Graduate Scholarship, the John Weinzweig Graduate Scholarship and the Theodoros Mirkopoulos Fellowship in Composition two years in a row. She was nominated by composer James Rolfe to receive the 2019 Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prize Protégé award. Sophie recently completed her graduate degree and is now working on developing her skills with live and fixed electroacoustics. Aside from her activities as a composer, she works as a violinist, arranger and passionate music teacher of violin, piano and theory in Ottawa. She is also Vice-President of the Canadian League of Composers since 2019. Sophie hold a Bachelor of Music in composition from Dalhousie University, and a Masters of Music and Doctorate of Musical Arts in composition from the University of Toronto. List of Works Vocal Works
  • Green & Green, for soprano, tenor, piano and percussion (6’) 2019
  • There will be no ice left in the Artic in 22* years from now, for SATB choir(3’) 2018
  • Song Cycle for a Dreamer, for soprano and piano (10’) 2017
  • Perceptions de LaFontaine, for soprano, flute, clarinet, oboe and percussion (10’) 2015
  • La belle Adèle, opera scene for soprano (10’) 2014
  • There’s Also People Outside, for ten sopranos, accordion, saxophone, two French horns, bassoon (6’) 2013
  • Homecoming, opera scene for tenor (10’) 2013
  • Le récital des anges, for tenor and piano (4’) 2011
  • Hasards, for SATB choir (5’) 2010
Solo Works
  • Listen if You Dare, for alto flute and tape (8’) 2018-9
  • Known Territories, multidisciplinary work for trumpet and tape (8’) 2018
  • Synapsids, for tuba and tape (8’) 2017
  • Improv on Bach, for violin(2’) 2013
  • Qui lazarum resuscitasti, for cello and tape (5’) 2012
  • Invention and Toccata for piano (3’) 2011
  • Meditation on Rage for violin (9’) 2009
Chamber Works
  • Taken by the Locos, for violin and percussion (5’) 2019
  • From one’s bed, for flute, clarinet and piano (8’) 2018
  • String Quartet (15’) 2017
  • Aftermath of Fire, for solo piano (5’) 2017
  • Birds Migrate to the Moon, for flute and electric guitar (5’) 2016
  • Fire, for violin, trumpet, horn in F and percussion (5’) 2016
  • Poveglia, for two Bb clarinets (9’) 2016
  • Words Fail Me, for accordion, piano, percussion and tape (8’) 2016
  • Prosopagnosia, for cello and piano (7’) 2015
  • Welcome to the Party, for flute, Bb clarinet, violin, double bass, piano and percussion (8’) 2014
  • Sketch for Cello, Double Bass and Piano (8’) 2013
  • À la dérive for violin and piano (4’) 2012
  • Mémoire Sensorielle for flute, two violins and piano (6’) 2012
  • Amusement Cynique for trumpet and piano (4’) 2011
  • Uncertainties, for percussion quartet (5’) 2011
Works for Large Ensemble
  • Elles ont peint le crépuscule de noir et de blanc, for ensemble of 10 musicians (14’) 2018
  • Black Winter, for wind ensemble (8’) 2017
  • Candide, for orchestra (7’) 2015
  • Lullaby, for orchestra (9’)  2013
  • One Last Thing Before I Go, for wind ensemble (8’) 2012
  • Would You Stop Raining?, for orchestra (5’) 2012