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ACWC/AFCC Choral Collective



The ACWC Choral Collective consists of ACWC professional choral composers who are teaming up with Canadian conductors in order to promote and distribute their choral music throughout Canadian universities, colleges, secondary schools, and choral organizations.  Canada is known for its excellent choral music, and Canadian women have been composing excellent choral music for decades.  The ACWC Choral Collective provides a platform for interaction among these composers and choral conductors, and is open to all conductors and ACWC composers who are interested.  At the bottom of this site, below composers’ names, is a PDF file with names of interested conductors, as well as lists and contacts for Canadian choral organizations and Canadian universities with music programmes.  Composers, feel free to contact any of these choral organizations!  Conductors, feel free to contact any of the composers listed below!

Conductors, please send

  1. Names, types and scorings of choral groups you conduct, and websites.
  2. Types/genres/styles of choral music you wish to program – list multiple categories. Indicate whether you give consent for your contact information to be sent to ACWC choral composers. Please send all information to ACWC Chair, Carol Ann Weaver <>
    Thank you!!

ACWC Choral Collective Composers (Names are linked to bios, choral compositions and contact information)

Carmen Braden

Marilyn Edythe Broughton

Emily Doolittle

Joanna Estelle

Jean Ethridge

Katerina Gimon

Alice Ping Lee Ho

Cecilia Livingston

Leila Lustig

Kye Marshall

Colleen Muriel

Tawnie Olson

Jana Skarecky

Emily Walker

Carol Ann Weaver

Conductor, Choir, Choral Organization, University Music Info in PDF File below:

ACWC Choral Conductors and Organizations