Alice Ping Yee Ho

Biography of Alice Ping Yee Ho 何冰頤

Considered “among the most important composers writing in this country” (D. Ariaratnam, The Record), Alice Ho is a Hong Kong-born Canadian composer acclaimed for her “distinctly individual” style and “organic flow of imagination.”

She has written in many musical genres and received numerous national and international awards, including the 2014 Prince Edward Island Symphony Composers Competition, 2014 Kitchener Waterloo Symphony Friendship Orchestral Composition Competition, 2013 Dora Mavor Moore Award “Outstanding Original Opera” for her opera Lesson of Da Ji, 2013 Boston Metro Opera International Composition Competition, K.M. Hunter Artist Award, du Maurier Arts Ltd. Canadian Composers Competition, MACRO International Composition Competition, Luxembourg Sinfonietta International Composition Prize, and International League of Women Composers Competition. Her work “Glistening Pianos” for two pianos (Centrediscs label) was nominated for the 2015 JUNO Award Classical Composition of the Year. A new recording of her opera “Lesson of Da Ji” will be released by Centrediscs in November, 2015.

Often featured at national and international new music festivals such as ISCM World Music Days, Ottawa Chamberfest, Denmark’s CRUSH New Music Festival, Asian Music Week in Japan, etc.; her works have also been performed by many major ensembles and soloists including China National Symphony, Polish Radio Choir, Finnish Lapland Chamber Orchestra, Esprit Orchestra, the Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Victoria, and Windsor Symphonies, Amsterdam’s Neuw Ensemble, Penderecki String Quartet, Toronto’s New Music Concerts, Continuum New Music, percussionists Sumire Yoshihara and Beverley Johnston, violist Rivka Golani, and St. John’s Duo Concertante. Her discography includes releases on the Centrediscs, Blue Griffin, Electra and Phoenix labels.

Ms. Ho holds a Bachelor of Music degree in composition with high distinction from Indiana University and a Master of Music degree in composition from the University of Toronto. Her teachers have included John Eaton (USA), Brian Ferneyhough (Germany), and John Beckwith (Canada).

She is a noted classical pianist and an active advocate of contemporary music. She had performed in many new music festivals, including a solo piano recital recorded by CBC Radio 2 in which she premiered Tan Dun’s solo piano work “Traces II”. She now makes her home in Toronto.

Alice Ho’s website:

Choral Works (also see Vocal/Choral Works at end of lists):

  1. City Night (SSA women chorus) duration: 10’ 2010
  2. VIVA Songs (song cycle for soprano saxophone obligato, children chorus and piano) duration: 9’. 2008
  3. Lamia (for double chorus and piano) Duration: 11’. 2008



Strange Luminescence (solo piano and chamber orchestra)  20’ 2015

Hakka Tea Bliss (solo oboe and orchestra) 11’ 2015

Ocean Child (for oprano and orchestra) 16’ 2014

Nirvana Sketches (for female voice and orchestra) 10’   2013

Sun Goddess (concerto for drumming quartet and orchestra)  18’   2010

Sun Spell (for orchestra) 15’   2010

Mélange (for percussion quartet and string orchestra) 15’   2010

Dark Elements (full orchestra) 17’   2009         

Dance Concerto (flute, percussion, strings, classical Chinese dancer opt.) 45’   2008

Mountain of Eight Spirits (Chinese Orchestra11’   2008Red Temple(full orchestra) 17’   2006

Dark Waters (woodwind quintet and string orchestra) 7’   2006

Seraphim (for woodwind quartet, brass quartet, and strings) 13’   2005

Evolving Elements (concerto for solo marimba and strings) 20′   2005                                                                          

Capriccio Ballo (concerto for violin, piano, and strings) 15′   2005      

Double Concerto for Viola and String Bass 18′   2000

Concerto for Cello and Orchestra   17′   2000

Mira (solo violin and string orchestra) 7′   1999

Elysian Fields (concerto for piano and orchestra) 16′   1998

Scintillar (full orchestra)                  11′   1997

Pearl of Asia (soprano solo, chorus, orchestra)   30′   1997

Chimaera (full orchestra) 12′   1995

Radiantia (concerto for percussion and orchestra) 12′   1995

Ice Path (full orchestra) 10′   1994

Under the Quavering Moon (full orchestra) 12′   1993

On the Wing 6′   93-97 ( full orchestra; alternate version for flute, horn, piano/harp, strings)

Jubilation of Spring (string orchestra and percussion) 6′   1991

Resurrected Angel  (33 strings)  9′   1986

Escapade (full orchestra) 13′   1985




Tale of M’Whell (soprano, violin, bass clarinet, piano) 16’   2014

Drunkard Rhapsody (yangqin, percussion, 2 erhu, zhonghu, cello) 0’   2013

Moon’s Lament (Chinese harp and voice) 9’   2013

Coquette (saxophone quartet) 8’   2013

Four Seasons Ballade (erhu and piano) 10’   2013

The Mysterious Boot (violin, cello, piano) 12’   2013

Éxtasis (violin and piano) 6’   2012

Si Yi 四藝 The Four Arts (solo violin, piano, yangqin and strings) 17’  2012

Breath of Fire (Bb clarinet, accordion, and cello)                 16’   2012

Ballade for An Ancient Warrior 20’   2011

(solo percussion, female voice, and mixed chamber ensemble)

Coeur a Coeur (violin and piano) 12’   2011

Woman Runs With Wolves (solo percussion and electronics) 15’   2011

Solace (mandolin and guitar) 13’   2011

Solace (two guitars) 13’   2011

TorQ Machine (percussion quartet with optional electronics)                  10’   2010

Tempered Moon (Erhu, Guzheng, and Pipa )10′   2010

Drunk Moon (flute, Dizi, Erhu, cello, Guzheng, and piano) 12’   2008

WAR! ( electronics, two pianos, percussion, and speaking voices) 8’     2008

Kami ( solo marimba and three percussion) 11’   2006

Angst II (for piano and large chamber ensemble) 12’   2006

Dark Waters (for woodwind quintet and string quintet) 7’     2005

Two Seasons (erhu and piano) 6’     2005

Evolving Elements (marimba and string quartet)                 20′   2005

Bao Miao (flute, marimba, vibraphone, harp, and viola) 10′   2004

Cothurnus (flute, cello, piano; or flute, bassoon, piano) 12’   2003

String Quartet No. 2 15′   2002

Ming (solo percussion)   15′   1999

Seraphim (woodwind quartet, brass quartet, string quartet) 13′   1996

Seiren (alto flute/flute/piccolo, cello, piano) 13′   1996
MaViBa (marimba, violin, cello) 7′     1995

Circlet (trumpet, violin, viola, cello, piano, percussion) 12′   1994

Caprice (solo violoncello) 5′     1994

Chain of Being (violin, cello, and piano)10’   1994

Chain of Being (flute and two pianos) 10′   1999

Suite for Flute and Piano10′   1992

Suite for Violin and Piano10′   1992

Achavi (accordion, harp, and vibraphone) 7′     1992

Forest Rain (solo marimba and solo vibraphone)    11′   1991


Solus (solo piano) 10’   2013

Qim (solo harpsichord/solo piano) 8’     2012

Aeon(solo piano) 8’     2012

Heart to Heart (two pianos)10’   2011

Glistening Pianos (two pianos)14’   2009

Garage (solo piano) 8’     2005

Seed of Passion (solo piano)13′   1997

Caprice (solo piano) 6′     1997

Cyclone (solo piano) 4′     1994

Musical Tableau (solo piano) 12’   89-94

An Eastern Apparition(two pianos)                  12′   1992

Fire of Imagination (solo piano)13′   1991

Shade (solo piano) 4’     1989



Lesson of Da Ji 60’   2013

Opera in one act commissioned by Toronto Masques Theatre; Librettist Marjorie Chan

The Imp of the Perverse 80’   00-02

Opera in two acts based on the life of Edgar Allan Poe

librettist Micheal O’brien, commissioned by Tapestry New Opera Works


Four Seasons Balldae (soprano and piano) 12’   2013

Small Argument (soprano, flute, piano) 20’   2011

City Night (soprano, flute, and harp)                12’   2010

City Night (SSA women chorus)10’   2010

Thoughts on a Still Night (SATB choir) 5’     2009

Madcap’s Diary (soprano, alto flute, harpsichord) 7’     2008

VIVA Songs (song cycle for soprano saxophone obligato, children’s chorus, pno 9’     2008

Lamia (for double chorus and piano)   11’   2008

Wolf Woman (drama for solo soprano voice) 20’   2007

Three Songs from the Tang Dynasty soprano/ mezzo sop., flute, violin, cello) 0′   2007

City Night six urban Haiku for soprano or mezzo soprano and piano 12′   2003

Angst (unaccompanied solo soprano) 11′   2000

Autumn (sop., mezzo sop., fl., viola, double bass, two perc.)   10′   2000