Katerina Gimon

Website: http://www.katerinagimon.com/
Contact: http://www.katerinagimon.com/contact.html

Katerina Gimon (b. 1993 – Burlington, Ontario) is an award-winning composer, improvisor, and experimental vocalist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her works have been broadcast and performed in North America and Europe receiving hours such as 1st prize in the Godfrey Ridout Category of the 2016 SOCAN Young Composers Competition, 2nd prize in the Vancouver Chamber Choir’s 12th biannual Young Composers’ Competition (2015), and the Ellen Taaffe Zwilich Prize in the IAWM 2014 Search for New Music. Katerina is co-founder of experimental mixed-media improvisation ensemble Chroma as well as the founder director of Audax, and all-female creative vocal ensemble.

Katerina is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Honours Bachelor of Music program (in Contemporary Music: Composition and Improvisation) and is currently pursuing her Masters of Music in Composition at the University of British Columbia. She has studied composition with Keith Hamel, Dorothy Chang, Stephen Chatman, Linda Catlin Smith, and Glenn Buhr.

Select Choral Compositions

Elements (i) Earth, (ii) Air, (iii) Fire, (iv) Water, 2013, SATB a capella (13:00). Laurier Singers, Lee Willingham, cond. https://soundcloud.com/katerinagimon/elements

A Painting, 2015, SSAA a cappella (5:00). Maureen Forrester Singers, Elvera Froese, cond. https://soundcloud.com/katerinagimon/a-painting

Boundless, 2012, SSAA a capella (4:11). Ensemble performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExZ6a3N4HJM

For a complete list of works, information on how to purchase specific scores, and more, please visit: http://www.katerinagimon.com/works.html.