Kye Marshall

223 Howland Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5R 3B7
phone: (4l6) 967-7118
fax: (416) 513-1272
Associate Member:  The Canadian Music Centre
Member:  Association of Canadian Women Composers, SOCAN




Kye Marshall is a professional composer, cellist and jazz and free improvisor with six  CD’s to her credit: Standard Time, a compilation of jazz standards with Don Thompson (bass and piano) and Dan Ionescu (guitar), Pencil Blues, Say When and Winter’s End, her original jazz compositions with Don Thompson (piano), In The Moment and Chiaroscuro: spontaneous compositions with Tom Baker (piano).  She released her latest CD of original compositions, Pencil Blues, May 2013.

Her compositions have been performed locally at such venues as the Glenn Gould Studios, Harbourfront, the Music Gallery, North York Performing Arts Centre, the Royal Conservatory of Music, Markham Centre for the Performing Arts, AGO Multisensory Ipad tours, on TVO, on CBC Radio and in the US, Italy Austria.   She has written for Orchestra, a Concerto for Bass Trombone and for many different combinations of instruments including string orchestra, string quartet, brass quintet, piano, voice and choir. Kye has also written four film scores, thirty-six jazz compositions, and for theatre, dance and CBC radio drama. The Canadian National Conservatory of Music has published five of her piano pieces.

An eclectic musician, Kye has performed jazz music with the Kye Marshall Jazz Quartet/Duo in many venues around Toronto including at Mezzetta, the Montreal Bistro, Annex Live, the Trane, the Pilot,  Four Seasons Opera House,  Quigley’s, Le Select, Gate 403, Oscars, Free Times Café, at the Universities of Guelph, Toronto, and Waterloo and each year at the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival;  classical music with ensembles including the  O’Keefe Centre Orchestra and the New Chamber Orchestra (as principal cellist), the National Ballet Orchestra (as assistant principal cellist), the Epic String Quartet; free music with Sonora, the Baker / Marshall Duo and other groups in the Victoriaville Toronto Festival, Fringe Jazz Festival, Distillery Jazz Festival, Array Studios, Artword Theatre, the Rex, the Cameron, the Idler Pub, and Uxbridge United Church.

Marshall was the winner of the Ron Collier Composition Award and the CFMTA piano composition competition in 2010 and 2012, Nominee for best Jazz CD 2014 by TIMA, and has received awards, commissions and grants from all the major funding bodies (TAC, OAC, Canada Council, CAPAC, Socan  and the Canadian Music Centre).


Choral Compositions

Wild Nights: Poems of Emily Dickinson (1999) SABT a capella (15′) Commisioned by the Uxbridge Chamber Choir. Premiered at the Uxbridge United Church. Professional Reading by the Vancouver Chamber Choir through a SOCAN grant.



CD: Pencil Blues End (2014) (Original Jazz Compositions): Cello-ing, Pencil Blues, River Reverie, Summer Sizzle, I Remember Johann Sebastian, For the Birds, Round The Bend , LMB Blues, Scuttlebut,  Interrupted Conversations )

CD: Chiarascuro (2011) (Spontaneous Compositions with Thomas Baker-Piano)

CD: Say When (2008) (Say When, Elegy, Libra, Rush Hour , Seguin Summer, A Blues in A, Radar Reef,, memories of Toronto Way Back When, Bach to Bop)

CD: In the Moment (2004) (Spontaneous Compositions with Thomas Baker-Piano.)

CD: Winter’s End (2002) (Original Jazz Compositions: TLC, Winter’s End, All of Us, Evensong, Mad Mary, Alimbo, Twilight, Ides of March



Why Not Blues (2014). Commissioned by UTS. Premiered Toronto, May 2014.

Bossa Antiqua: Three Movements for String Orchestra, (2010)  Commissioned by the Norman Burgess Fund. Premiered at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Three Movements for String Orchestra (2002);Commissioned by Hemispheres Orchestra through the Toronto Arts Council.  Professional Reading by Symphony London through the CMC

Variations on a Canadian Theme (1986) For Junior string Orchestra. Premiered in Austria Commissioned by Alliance for Canadian New Music through the Ontario Arts Council.


Orchestra with Soloist

Concerto for Bass Trombone and String Orchestra (1995) Premiered at the Glenn Gould Studios 2001. Commissioned by John Capon



Chamber Works

Endangered Species Harp Duo. Commissioned by Duo Novus.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Adaption)( 2014). For Cello ,Clarinet and Percussion. Commissioned by Fondazione Donne in Musica. Premiered Italy 2014.

Hanging Figure, Shop Girl, Souvenir’s D’Enfance, Mountain Landscape, Orioles/Owl, Grief, Seated Woman, Fire in St. Jean Quarter, Trees in the Sky, Marchese Casati, Chevreuse II, Morning Cloud (2012) Art Gallery of Ontario: Multi Sensory Ipad Tours. For Cello or Synthesizer.

Geometrics: Trapeziums, Tangents, Transversals  (2011) For 15 percussion players. Premiered at The Markham Theatre for the Arts.

Gossip Island for String Quartet  (2010Premiered by the Epic String Quartet

Arctic Ice Melt (2010) For Violin and Cello

Georgian Bay Rock (2010) For Violin and Cello

Downtown (2010) For Violin and Cello

Miles Away (2010) For Violin and Cello

Prairie Downs (2010) For Violin and Cello

Bossa Antiqua V: (2010) For Violin and Piano

A Room of One=s Own:  for Solo Cello (2001) A group of compositions including Medea, She is, Sarajevo Cellist. Premiered at University of Toronto

Reflections: Four Movements for Brass Quintet (2000) Commissioned by the Trillium Brass Quintet. Premiered at the Music Gallery

Interact: Four Movements for String Quartet (1999) Premiered at St. Edwards School. Commissioned by The Toronto Symphony E. P.

Canonac: Three Movements for Piano, Violin and Cello. (1999) Premiered at the Sheraton Hotel Auditorium, Toronto.

We Make the Air: Elegy for Lina Chartrand (1997) For contralto and string quartet, Commissioned by the Company of Sirens. Premiered at Bloor St United Church, Toronto

Themantics.(1996) A full length composition for clarinet, piano and violin trio. Commissioned by the Bob Misky Trio.  Premiered at the North York Centre For The Performing Arts.

Little Miss Easter Seals (1992) For Solo cello, commissioned by CBC Radio Morningside Drama

Moon Saga (1990) For flute, cello and piano. Commissioned by Ardeleana Trio.  Premiered at St. Andrews Church, Toronto

Fantasy For Solo Cello (1989) Commissioned by Steven Green. Premiered at the Music Gallery, Toronto

Six Movements for Marimba with Violin, Cello, Flute and Oboe (1988) Written for Beverly Johnson. Recorded in Toronto with Factor Grant.

String Quartet #1 (1979) Premiered at the Pauline McGibbon Centre and CBC Radio.


Pomegranate (2014) For Harp,Soprano and Contralto. Libretto Amanda Hale. Premiered Heliconian Club March 2014.

Upon Rising (2012)  Soprano, Clarinet, Piano. Commissioned by the Lyric Arts Trio. Premiere in May 2012, Kansas City, USA

We Make the Air: Elegy for Lina Chartrand (1997) For contralto and string quartet, Commissioned by the Company of Sirens. Premiered at Bloor St United Church, Toronto



Bach Blues (2014)

Serenade (2014)

Jamp (2014)

Bossa Antiqua V (2011)

Metronomics (2011)

Toccata In Blue (2011)

On Second Thought (2011)

Mountain Mist Over Gros Morin (2011)

Reverb~ariations (2011) (Published by CNCM)

Bossa Antiqua III (2010) (Published by CNCM)

You Say Major, I Say Minor (2010) (Published by CNCM)

Wayward Waltz (2010)

Tumble Weed Dance (2010) (Published by CFMTA)

A Blues in A (2010)

Summer’s End (2010)

Flower Pot Island (2010)

Bossa Antiqua IV (2009) (Published by CNCM)

Mask (2009)  (Published by CNCM)

Black and White Blues (2009)

Blue North (2009) (Published by CFMTA)

Frost Bite (2009)

Prairie Nights (2009)

Bossa Antiqua I and II (2008)

Intervallic Wanderings (2007)

Snowbound In Orville(2007)

Two Pieces for Piano: Song & Dance (1981)

Premiered at the Heliconian Club



Autumn Fog, Push, Zebra Harem  (2015) For Solo Electric Cello. Premiered at the Heliconian Club.

Silky Waters, The Resolution, Liminal Animism-the Shell (2014) For Solo Electric Cello . Premiered at the Heliconian Club.

Hildegard, Mad Mary, Heli Blues. (2013)For Solo Electric Premiered at the Heliconian Club.

Trees in the Sky and Chevreuse II  For Solo cello. Premiered at the AGO 2010.

Nine Poets and a Cello (2007). For Solo Electric Cello. Premiered at The Canadian Music Centre, Toronto, August 2007.

Astral Shells (1998) Synthesizer dance score. Commissioned by the Parahumans Dance Theatre Performed at Ohio StateUniversity

Voice in the Dark (1997)  Synthesizer dance score. Commissioned by the Parahumans Dance Theatre.  Premiered at Damn Straight Dance Studios

Little Miss Easter Seals (1993) Theatre score for synthesizer. Commissioned by the  Company of  Sirens. Premiered at Tarragon Theatre, Toronto


Film and Radio Scores

Wisdom Speakers (video) (2010)

The bliss in all of this. (1999) For Solo Cello.  Premiered in Toronto

Keeper. (1998) For synthesizer.  Premiered at the Uptown Theatre, Toronto.

Windy (1995) Film score for synthesizer Premiered in Toronto

Little Miss Easter Seals (1992) Premiered CBC Radio

Tales of Tomorrow: Our Elders (1982) For piano and oboe. Written for a CBC documentary film



No Boundaries (1998) Dance score on electric cello  for the Parahumans Dance Theatre, premiered in Toronto,

The Necklace Legacy (1995) Peterborough New Dance, premiered at the Peterborough  TownHall,

Curling Maman’s Hair (1995)  With Lorraine Pelletier reading text by Lina Chartrand,  Mayworks,  Clinton’s      Tavern, Toronto.