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The ACWC Piano Collective is made up of ACWC composers who compose piano music for beginning and more advanced piano students, and those who write teaching materials encouraging students at all levels to explore composition, improvisation and use of their creative voice. This collective wants to make better known the piano music by Canadian women composers, and to make it more accessible to piano teachers throughout Canada and beyond. The ACWC provides a platform for teachers to find scores, and to access composition and improvisation exercises and helpful materials about writing piano music for students at various levels. We want teachers and students to discover and engage with Canadian repertoire that is creative and helpful in their learning process.

Teachers, please browse the ACWC Piano Collective Catalogue for scores by ACWC composers, categorized according to skill level. Some scores have an indication that they are available from either the Canadian Music Centre: www.musiccentre.ca, Red Leaf Piano Works: http://www.redleafpianoworks.com/, or elsewhere. Otherwise all other scores can be obtained by contacting the composer directly by clicking her name below.

To join the ACWC Piano Collective, contact  Edith Covach <aeschbacher_e@rogers.com>

Recent Event

ACWC Pno Coll poster v8ACWC Piano Collective Concert
May 28, 2017, 3:00pm
Conrad Grebel Chapel, University of Waterloo (Waterloo, ON)

The ACWC is proudly presented the premiere ACWC piano Collective Concert, featuring music by ACWC Piano Collective members composed for and played by student pianists. More.

ACWC Piano Collective Composers

Joanne Bender

Caroline Bordignon

Sarah J. Coles

Edith Covach

Emily Doolittle

Hanna Kim

Kye Marshall

Julia Mermelstein

Colleen Muriel

Paulette Popp

Jana Skarecky

Carol Ann Weaver